Weddingnesday is my wedding blog within a blog.

I’m not a typical wedding blogger. Up until about 2008, I hadn’t ever wanted to get married. Me and the OH have been together a long time and we liked how we were… silly, fun and young (even if we’re not that young anymore). Being married didn’t seem like an ‘us’ thing to do… and as for weddings, well, we were scared stiff of all the formality and expense.

And then things changed… We started to talk about how fun it could be married and to have a party/wedding… and then we got to the bit were you can’t talk about it any more as you’re not actually engaged! Up until then I’d never thought I was going to have a wedding and so never bothered to think about what one might be like!

So all my Weddingnesday posts are a collection of ideas, thoughts and moodboards that may or may not end up help me work out what what me and the OH want to do for our wedding.

And you’re invited along for the ride!

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