About Zoë


I’m Zoë. I like adventures, photos, interior design and thrifty finds.

I blog sometimes but you’ll find me every day on Instagram.

I work for: Pinterest UK. And yes, I still pinch myself sometimes!

I live with: my husband and our two fur beasts (the #FoxOwlCat & the #VelvetNinjaCat ).

I’m addicted to: green tea, and bibimbap (eating and just saying the words).

I hate: early mornings, soggy sandwiches and peas.

I covet: sideboards, vintage china, tin globes and shiny brogues.

I believe: life is too short. It’s why I try to smile more than I frown.

I don’t: suit a fringe. Even though I really, really want one.

If you’re in SE London or Edinburgh, come to Blook Club and say hi!