A perfect day for a picnic…

On Saturday, Edinburgh was seriously foggy.
And cold. And damp. And very not picnic-y.

Sunday’s sunshine caught me by surprise.
(Plus I slept in as I wasn’t feeling well. Yup, fail!)

So today I’m dreaming about being outside
in the sunshine, stretched out
on a picnic blanket.

Ideally on this gorgeous diy chevron one
(by Kathleen from Twig & Thistle).

Sipping a Strawberry Limeade
maybe with a little gin in it?

Oh yes and I may have invited some
friends with these free printable invites


In reality, my picnics look nothing like this.
I usually have an Ikea fleece, stolen back from a cat
so it’s got extra fluff on it. And a carrier bag
of stuff from our local food place.

But a gal can dream right?
(Especially when she’s stuck at her desk
on a lovely bright sunshiney day!)

So who’s joining me for this
imaginary picnic?