Wibble wobble… how to make vintage jelly in glass moulds

A few years ago, I bought a glass jelly mould.

“We should make some jelly” I announced on bringing it home.
I cleaned it up, put it on a shelf and promptly forgot all about it.

Same goes with the second jelly mould I found.

Then a few weekends back, I found a bumper stash.
One from a car boot sale, one from a charity shop,
two from a market. All on the same day. (Strange huh?)

The universe was telling me to make jelly!

(If I wasn’t getting enough hints
from our kitchen wallpaper!)


Except the jelly book we read said that
making it in a glass jelly mould is hard.
(Doomed to fail even!)


Never ones to listen to what might be sensible advice,
on Sunday we stopped off to get a whole lot of fruit,
some sugar and some veggie gelatin and got to work…


Now, I was fully expected to be sharing
a catastrophic jelly failure here…
but they turned out brilliantly.

(Yup, beginner’s luck really!)


Here’s how we made them:

Make 300 ml of fruit juice:

4 medium sized oranges, chopped and juiced.

1 lemon, chopped and juiced.

Add to 100 ml sugar syrup
(100ml water plus 100g sugar)

Add to 100ml to make 500ml of liquid in total.

Then add two sachets of veggie gelatine.

Boil it all up. Pour into moulds.

(To ensure the jelly came out, we lightly greased
the moulds with a tiny bit of butter.)

And voila, vintage veggie jelly!

And the important bit? How did they taste?

Really yummy, fruity and slightly tart.
Just right with a little spot of ice-cream.


So now that we’ve cracked fruit…
We’re thinking a Gin & Tonic jelly?
With little bits of cucumber through it?

Any other suggestions?
(Except vodka jelly. I had too much as a student
and the idea of it gives me the shudders now!)