Because it’s Tuesday… how to make ‘not cake pops’

For our wedding, friends and family made
all the cakes, puddings and desserts.

They were all supremely good.
And we had too much.

But two nights before the wedding
I was worried we wouldn’t have enough.
So I wanted to bake.

Someone suggested making cake pops.
One glance at the recipes revealed that
it was not something that my
pre-wedding brain
could cope with.

So I decided to make ‘not cake pops’ instead.
Otherwise known as biscuit and marshmallow pops.

I made them for the kids –
but all the adults ate them first!
Though not before they got
a starring role in our wedding…

Yup…  this is us doing our posed
‘we are signing the register’ picture…
(after having actually signed the register)
complete with biscuit and marshmallow pops!


I’ve made a few more batches since…
that’s how easy they are to make
and how yummy they are to eat.

Here’s how to make your own:
(I take no responsibility for
how many you might eat!)

You’ll need:

Double-stuff Oreos (has to be the double stuff ones)


Long lolly sticks (you can get these from Hobbycraft)

Melting candy (any colour; again you can get this from Hobbycraft)

Decoration (we used white chocolate stars and sprinkles)

A colander and a chopstick


To make your Oreo biscuit pop…

1. Slowly start to melt your candy in a glass bowl inside a pot of hot water.
Keep the water below boiling point or it will burn the candy.

2. Take Oreo double stuff biscuit and insert stick carefully.
(It’s easier if you use a cocktail stick to
create a hole before inserting the stick.)
If the biscuit halves separate then simply use
some melted candy to glue them back together.

3. Place the newly ‘stuck’ Oreos into your freezer for approx 10mins.
(This is pretty important or they fall apart when you dip them in the candy!)

4. Once Oreos are chilled and the candy is nice and runny,
it’s time to dip them. The best way to coat them is to use
a ‘dip and spin’ technique – as this removes any excess candy.
Use a chopstick to smooth the candy down and clean up the edges.

5. Now you need your colander.
Turn it upside down and use the holes to put the pop’s lolly stick in.
(This way, your pop can dry without getting stuck to another pop.)

6. Before the candy dries, add your stars or decoration.

7. Try not to eat immediately. If you can.
(Of course, you do need to sample some
for quality control so that’s allowed!)


To make your marshmallow pop…

1. Insert the sticks into the marshmallows.

2. Dip into the candy, using the same ‘dip and spin’ technique.

3. Place in the colander and then decorate.

4. Leave to set.

5. And then eat as many as you can…
before everyone else does!


P.S. For a handy paper version of this ‘how to’
get yourself a copy of the Hannah Zakari zine
as they kindly featured my ‘not cake pops’ there.

P.P.S. This is my first post on grown-up wordpress.
Do let me know if anything glitchy,
I feel like a blogging newbie again!


Image 1: Lillian and Leonard at our wedding
Image 3: snapped by my uncle
All other images: by me.