Weddingnesday… a very stylish hen weekend

Last weekend, it was my friend’s hen do.

Such good, good fun and supremely stylish too
so I thought I’d share some of my iphone snaps.

We stayed at Balbegno Castle
which is owned by super cool shop Pedlars.

Such a gorgeous place but it was like staying in a catalogue!

This is my lovely little bedroom…

… and the oh so amazing dining room!

We did some of the usual things… truths, quizzes on the Friday…

And then on Saturday we went to a screenprinting class at DCA.

It’s something I’ve always fancied trying but never had the excuse to.

They asked us for a photo we’d like to Warhol so I brought the pic
of me and the other half on the day we got engaged.

And it started off like this…

Then I had to choose colours… oh so many colours!

And then it was time to start screenprinting…

True to form, mine were colourful and slightly messy!

Then it was back to the castle for a murder mystery party,
which was just brilliant. The costumes, the accents, the laughter.

But I’ll spare us all the pics of me in costume and
show you some of the things I now want from Pedlars

This print… and these maps…

I also absolutely adore this ‘No Dancing’ display…

And finally, I think this print sums it all up…

Such a great weekend that I think my friend
should get married more often!


Have you been on any cool hen dos?
Or maybe even any nightmare ones?

Happy Weddingnesday everyone xx