Tea cosy (and cupcake) love

Recipe for a relaxed Sunday morning breakfast…

1. My new Robin and Mould tea cosy. Isn’t he pretty?

2. Daffodils (my favourites) bought for me by the other half.

3. The pretty plate I found at Saturday’s flea market.
How cute is the cross-stitch detail?

4. A rather delectable lemon meringue cupcake.

5. A too good to share (but I did because I’m nice) chocolate orange cupcake.

6. Some green tea. (Even if I do love Kusmi’s packaging more than the tea.)

7. My favourite teapot… and it holds a proper amount of tea.
(I always feel cheated if a pot holds less than three cups.)

8a. A nice teacup or two.

8b. Well, a nice cup for me and a more
macho coffee cup for the other half.

Put it all together and you have a very happy Sunday morning indeed…

… especially when I discovered just how warm my new cosy keeps my tea.

I am truly a tea cosy convert!


Have a lovely Monday everyone xx