The loved and lost list…

Anyone else do this?

You spot something you like on Etsy (or ebay).

You bookmark it, pin it, whatever you do.

Then promptly forget about  it.
(Or assume that no-one else will have
spotted it before you can afford to buy it.)

Of course, once it’s sold, you’re gutted.

And you thus begin a life-long quest
to find a replacement version that
will never be quite the same.


Here’s some of my loved/lost list:

(Also known as the “hurry up universe
and throw one of these my way” list!)

I really do wish I’d bought this school map.

Yes, it’s Canadian and I’ve never been there
but look at the colours and the size of it. *sigh*

This is the thing that inspired this post.

Do I need a Vintage Portable Music Air Organ?

Um, no.

Did I want this a Vintage Portable Music Air Organ?

Yes. A lot.

(Again might be something to do with the colours!)

My other half’s surname (and mine to be) has the word ‘pear’ in it.

So I thought about buying this pear money bank
(from the lovely Tales of a Junkaholic).

And then I thought about it some more
until some lucky soul snapped it up.

I owned a Fisher Price record player when I was little.
It looked sort of this (but without the ‘from Santa’ message.)
I’m still stalking similar ones on ebay.

Again this is sort of just a colourful map.

Well, a colourful map of the inside of a frog.

I couldn’t decide if this would be too disturbing in real life.
And I still have no idea where I would have put it.
(Not in the kitchen I’m guessing!)

Yes, another globe.
But look at the stand!

It’s not a map or a globe or even colourful
but this gorgeous vintage dress still gets
a place on my ‘lost’ list.

Isn’t it just perfect?


So how about you all?
What are your loved/lost things?

Maybe between us all we can track
down some replacements!


1. ethanollie 2. daindain 3. Tales of a Junkaholic
4. Thrush 5. luckylittledot 6. sweetshorn 7. Vintageous

P.S. Yes I do have a bit of a thing for maps and globes!