Friday I'm in love… with typewriters

I have a new obsession. Well, an old obsession reborn.

You see, I’ve got a bit of a thing for typewriters
but it’s not exactly a new fixation…

Yes, this is baby me.

(The dashing young fella is my Dad.)

This picture alone probably tells you that
I was going to grow up to be a writer.

And that I would develop a lifelong fixation with yellow.

So I’ve been searching for a pretty typewriter…

You know, just to carry about and stuff…

(Um, maybe not.)

To be honest, I’ll probably just plonk it next to some of my old globes…

Or just use it for doing crafty stuff…

Or perhaps as a message board?

It took me a minute to realise this must be in a bookshop.
I thought it was a more general offer of help at first!

A mustardy, yellow one would be ideal…

But this old advert is right… having a pink typewriter
might actually induce to me do some real typing!

Happy Friday everyone xx


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