When all else fails…

A cup of tea solves everything.

Well, not everything… it does not lengthen deadlines,
or stop certain individuals from upsetting you,
or force unreasonable people to be reasonable.


(For the record, I am neither this pretty or this poised
when I write. As my other half points out I’m usually
scowling at my laptop like it said something rude to me.)

But a nice cup of tea does seem to help a bit doesn’t it?

A little bit of comfort while the world is kicking you.

(Also for the umpteith time, why are Party Rings not veggie?)

Wearing something cheerful seems to help too.

Ok, so some people might think you look like
a children’s TV presenter but c’est la vie.

(We think this actually happened to me in Japan.
I got stopped by lots of super polite schoolchildren who
wanted to take my picture. I was a tad colourful that day!)

And honestly if the tea isn’t doing its thing…

… it’s time for something stronger!

Hope you’re all good my lovelies.
(Sorry I’ve not been stopping by your blogs,
I’ll be back soon I promise.)

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