Colour me happy…

So Friday I’m in love with colour.

I know, I know, it’s not exactly a big surprise is it?

But I’m cheating here. I’ve been a bit short on time recently.

Ok, when I say a bit, I kind of mean I have none.

But I wrote the following post last October and then never published it.

I do that a lot more than I should.

Anyway, it might be a cheat but it’s a colourful cheat so I’m sure you’ll forgive me.

Have a lovely Friday and weekend everyone.


Once upon I lived in a monochrome flat.

The front door was black.
The walls painted stark white.
The furniture was a mixture of both.

And I myself lived in black, looking somewhat like a modern
Snow White with my near black hair and too pale skin.

I had an austere outlook on the world and
you could see it, even in my decorating.

Today, when I come home and see our bright yellow door,
it’s a reminder that I of how far I’ve come from those days.

That I remembered that life is for living, for laughing, for loving.

It’s too short and precious not to at least try to be happy.

And colour makes me happy.

Especially yellow.

But you all knew that already.

(love this sign!)

(think this might be the inspiration behind why I organise my books by colour.
the writer in me hates it but the budding interior designer in me loves it.)

(I love this kitchen. I look at this so many times when we were doing ours
but came to the conclusion by the time you add our level of general mess
to it, it would just induce headaches.)

(my original choice for our bedroom. the other half did not like it.
it’s very rare for him not to like something so I had to listen!)

(I still still still want a hang-it-all.
I also wish my childhood bedroom had been this cool.)

(I love this lamp – both as a pop of colour and with lots of other yellow loveliness.)

And this… this is just how yellow my front door is!

You can imagine what the neighbours said when we were
painting it. (Mainly ‘um, is it going to stay that colour?’)

(Excuse the random pipeness, I meant to take a more
blog-friendly picture and then never did!)

Happy (colourful) weekend everyone xx


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