Weddingnesday… food for thought

Ah, wedding food… why does it cost so much and is still liked by so few?

Recently we had the pleasure (read: torture) of hearing family opinions on food at other people’s weddings. I nearly cried for the poor people who must have spent so much money on their catering only to have their guests moan about it once they got home.

It genuinely freaked me out. After all, I thought the point of the day was to celebrate two people getting married, not be peeved that there was a buffet and not a sit-down meal.

Part of the difficulty for me is that I’m a strict veggie (and have been for over a decade) – so it’s very strange trying to make decisions about courses when they’re mainly meaty.
If I could subject people to an all veggie day I would but I can’t!

What we want is just nice fun food that people won’t get upset by… but at the same time
I don’t want to spend lots of money on something bland.

So my lovelies do you have any wedding food advice for this vegetablearian?

(How do I keep it fun and keep the food dinosaurs happy?)

What would you recommend? Or what have you had that people loved?
(Hog roasts are out I’m afraid that’s just too much for me!)

P.S. I’m good on all the sweet and snacky/bite-sized stuff (the fun bit),
it’s just the mains that’s foxing me!


1. jessie and tyler‘s wedding via martha stewart weddings
2. martha stewart weddings 3. jonas peterson via once wed