For a sleepy Sunday…

It’s Sunday. The alleged day of rest… and I’m blinking tired.

Right now I’m blaming the workmen who have been hammering, drilling and sawing since 9am this morning. They’re renovating a flat two below mine and the noise is unreal.

They’ve been at for 3 weeks solid. Every day. Monday to Sunday.

Some days they like to start at 8am just for kicks.

So inspired by those ‘lovely’ dusty fellows below,
here’s some things for a sleepy Sunday:

Actually a subliminal print for babies… but it’s working on me too!

I would love this cute tache jumper to snooze in…

I probably don’t need to explain this photo do I?

This embroidered money pillow would be good to snuggle into.

Isn’t this bunting perfect for a sleepy day?

Maybe it’s time for a cat nap… if I can find some ear plugs!