Wild weather, wildcats and wet trainers… just a day out in Scotland

It seems like forever ago but on our week off work we took a trip up north
to the Highlands. On the way there, we drove through lashing rain
and blustery winds, and just kept looking at each other laughing…
of course, it would be chucking it down.

On arriving, we checked in to our little B&B, ordered some veggie haggis
lasagna (!) for dinner and then got an early night as we were heading to
the Highland Wildlife Park in the morning.

Waking up, the signs looked good for a drizzly, dampy day – but no downpour.

Now if you look at evidence A below, I am dressed for a day in the Highlands
(rain mac, woolly hat, gloves, scarf)… and if you look at evidence B,
I’m wearing Converses and flared jeans.

All of which would have been fine if the weather had stayed as it was…

On an arrival, a little smattering of rain but we made our way straight
to meet these handsome fellas – Japanese Snow Monkeys.

(I called this picture eat no nom, see no nom, nom nom nom).

We also encountered this dapper owly fellow…
who made an absolutely awful noise when it was time for his lunch!

And we met this pretty kitty… actually that should read pretty hissy kitty.
Yup, the park has a pride (?) of Scottish Wild Cats.

It was rather surreal looking in cages at animals that look exactly like pets!

By this point, my Converses were starting to get a bit squidgy.

Then we decided to go see Mercedes the polar bear, who just happens
to have the furthest away habitat… and you can guess what happened next.

(Not the actual polar bear!)

The heavens just opened up and we got
absolutely drookit (that’s Scots for utterly drenched)!

We made it to the polar bear viewpoint (which had a roof)
and the two of us couldn’t stop laughing.

Especially at the squeaky noise my now totally sodden trainers were now making!

But the rain wasn’t letting up so there was nothing for it but to press on
like true Scots and enjoy an afternoon of being pelted by heavy rain.

And enjoy it we did… this is the OH terrifying some goats!
(I love the one that’s just a blur of running away-ness).

And this is us… pink in the face from being pelted with rain, dripping wet
and as happy as can be. Just how every Scottish trip should end.