Monday's giveaway… Cut Copy Create… and The Spider and The Fly

So today’s giveaway… is actually a double giveaway.

Now you’ll all laugh but when I originally thought of doing a blog birthday giveaway, I wasn’t sure if anyone would want to do it at all. So I asked a few people, in the hope that at least one of them would say yes, and to my surprise everyone said they wanted in.

Which was amazing… and brilliant because it means I get to introduce you all (if I haven’t already) to my favourite shops and crafty people. They all make shopping in Scotland so much cooler 🙂

Anyway, that’s why we have two giveaways today – because more people said yes than I expected. On the plus side, you guys get the chance to win stupendously lovely stuff from Cut Copy Create and The Spider and The Fly.

First up, Cut Copy Create

Now you all know how much I love my Diana camera, so I was instantly smitten when I came across Cut Copy Create‘s fab prints, bags, badges and keyrings.

For today’s giveaway, she’s offering you the chance to win this lovely tote bag…

… and these snap happy camera badges!

To win, see the bottom of this post for the ‘how to’!

Up next is The Spider and The Fly

Now due to my self-imposed no buying stuff while we have two mortgages (ok, it’s less self-imposed as much as it’s a necessity!) I’m yet to make to the The Spider and The Fly.

It opened up in Edinburgh the same day as Hannah Zakari‘s shop. I know I’m going to love it though as it’s run by Emily who organises the brill Magpie Market. And because these images are the shop’s logo… I absolutely adore the spider and fly mascots!

Oh yes and it also stocks such lovely stuff as this…

(I need this owl canvas in my life! It sooo reminds me of our owl-fox-cat…)

For the giveaway, Emily has very kindly offered one of these gorgeous Nikki McWilliams Tea Cake cushions… which is so on my wish-list right now. I think it would look exceedingly good in one of our Parker Knolls!

To be in with a chance to win the bag and badges or the cushion, here’s what you have to do… simply tell us why you need these items in your life and Ashley from Cut Copy Create and Emily from The Spider and The Fly will pick their favourites!

I’ll reveal the winner next Monday – and the best two reasons will win the prizes!

If you’re one of my Facebook fans, you can also leave your comment there. Follow me on twitter? You get an extra vote for tweeting about the giveaway!

Happy Monday everyone!

P.S. Tomorrow is the last giveaway… phew! … and it’s Emily Hogarth.

Interior shots of The Spider and The Fly from Lou Lou and Oscar‘s blog


So this time round, Mr Random Generator has been retired and it was over to Ashley from Cut Copy Create and Emily from The Spider and The Fly to choose their favourite ‘why I need these things’!

Ashley from Cut Copy Create choose:

That’s Lucy A (aka @midcenturylass) who said:

“Amazing giveaway…how to choose?! Such a fab idea for a cushion. I have to go with the camera goodies. I am MENTAL for lomo cameras and accessories and goodies and trying out different film types and trying out wierd ways to take interesting photos. My OH buys me lomo stuff for my – Diana, my Holga, my Fisheye and my (not strictly lomo but very lomo-fiy) Robot – cameras…for every birthday, so I have all sorts of hot shoe accessories, wierd flashes, lenses, gismos, books and other jiggery-pokery. However, I have nothing to carry any of this stuff around in and my normal bags are getting a bit out of shape, and using my supermarket jute bags just feels w-r-o-n-g. So the bag would fix that problem sharpish and be thematic to boot. As for the badges, I’ve just turned 31 and it freaks me out, as I don’t fancy being as grown up as that number of years sounds, so a bunch of badges would take me back to the ’90s and my badge-wearing yoof. Yay.”

And Emily from The Spider and The Fly choose (and I think a few of you might have guessed this one!)…

Tunnocks said (and this is some story so you might need a cuppa and teacake for this one!)…

“Ever since I saw the picture of the Tunnock’s Teacake cushion I have felt an endless void burrowing its way into my life… When I was at school I was never wooed by the novelty froggyness of Freddo’s, the sheer scale of the wagon wheel or the crispy, sugary shell of a party ring… I was loyal to my teacake like little else and I ate (atleast) one for my entire school life. It became something of a game between my friends to see what it would take to make me swap my Tunnock’s (a massively edited list would include: a substantial slice of lovingly dinner-lady made lemon meringue pie, a jumbo bottle of yazoo milkshake, a champagne crunchie (remember them!?), endless jaffa cakes and, of course, substantial quantities of dairy milk. Was I swayed?… was I hell! Nothing came close to the shiny red and silver wrapper, carefully peeled off and flattened into a perfect square, and the joyous, gooey MOUND OF WONDER within.

By the time I left school, my best friends only referred to me as ‘Tunnocks’ and my leavers t-shirt was scrawled with arty interpretations of the red and white pattern. Shortly after this I moved South. A place where corner shops rarely stock individual teacakes and at an age where people didn’t take such pleasure in their lunchboxes and to a group of new friends who would never know to call me Tunnocks.

I’m sure you’ll agree this is sad. Every year when I receive a birthday card from my best friend, addressed to ‘Tunnocks’ I get a warm glow and often celebrate said glow by tucking into a teacake (of which I keep a supply, oddly, in my wardrobe).

So, for all of the above reasons, I would dearly love the Tunnock’s Teacake cushion in my life. I would display it proudly in the middle of my shamefully bare armchair (i want it so badly I even did a rhyme for you!) and I would recreate the daily teacake moment of my childhood with a giant, squishy cushion version nestled next to me. That would be pretty awesome. I would also be tempted to place it in the middle of the ledge above my little fireplace from time to time so it could feel extra special and get lots of lovely comments from my flatmates who all laugh at me for keeping my MOUNDS OF WONDER in the wardrobe.

Tunnock’s teacake cushion… I salute you x”

Well done Lucy A and Tunnocks!

P.S. An honourable mention must also go to Hannah Evans as I absolutely adored her story!

“My nan, Florence Gertrude Sherwood, has just turned 101 and she always says Tunnocks on a Sunday and a glass of milk a day is what has enabled her to do this! ….personally I think it was because she was a nurse…but her reason is much cuter.

I would LOVE to be able to give her one of these cushions for her 101st Christmas (only 99 days away whoop!) then when she’s gone keep it with me always as a beautiful reminder of the best person in my life.”