Saturday's giveaway… The Red Door Gallery

The Red Door Gallery is where all my friends tend to go when they want to buy me a present (and I love them very much for it!).

It’s where I go when I have money. I can’t go when I don’t, as I honestly can’t step into this shop without leaving with something.

In fact, every time I’ve mentioned this shop (such as here) I’ve said that it’s bad for my bank balance… so it must be true!

So you can imagine how pleased I am that Sarah from The Red Door Gallery has offered you all the chance to win your favourite item from the shop!

(I had problems even picking what pictures to use for this post so I know this is going to be a tough one!)

To win, here’s what you have to do…Visit The Red Door Gallery, pick your favourite item, then come back here and leave me a comment saying what it is.

The winner will be chosen at random next Saturday – and will win their favourite item! (I do not envy you lot having to choose one thing!!)

If you’re one of my Facebook fans, you can also leave your comment there. Follow me on twitter? You get an extra vote for tweeting about the giveaway!

Good luck my lovelies!


So we put all the numbers together (all the comments, tweets, retweets and posts) and stuck that number into the random generator…

And he chose number 42… which was…

So the lovely Anna from Anna and the Ring wins her favourite item fromThe Red Door Gallery.

She said: “Seriously, one thing?! I’m going to go a little crazy and choose the decision maker necklace. Too cute!”

Well done Anna!