The San Fran trip… part 2

Ok, so after all the Yosemite-ness, Vegas-ness and Grand Canyon-ness, we returned to San Fran for some more San Francisco-ness.

Which meant a visit to the infamous Alcatraz.

Now it would be an understatement to say the OH was excited about this.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times he’s seen The Rock … and if you’ve seen this movie then you’ll know why the journey there was peppered with conversations about VX gas and marines!

On the way out, the views of the city were amazing…

… and we were followed by a lot of seagulls. I love how this one has totally clocked me taking a shot of him!

The outside of Alcatraz was also covered in seagulls…

… and pretty flowers! So not what you would imagine of a grim prison.

Inside the infamous prison… the audio tour is so interesting, rather bleak but fascinating. I didn’t know about the Indian occupation or that it was a military prison either.

The OH made me go stand in the cells… which I wasn’t entirely comfortable with. I wasn’t made for prison! (The OH looks ecstatic in his pics… so I can only conclude he would be happy to be an inmate!)

After we escaped Alcatraz, we jumped on the back of a tram… which literally meant we were hanging off the back of the tram. The OH thought this was far scarier than the helicopter ride!

Good fun but god knows how people don’t fall off and hurt themselves!

The next day we took another trip to the Mission to do some present shopping and checking out of the street art, including the Banksy…

… and then the mural project… of which the following is just a selection.

Makes me wish I was handier with a can of spray paint and a stencil!

The next day we boarded a plane and then – in a mere 21 hours – we were home and in need of a holiday!

So that’s it. That’s all our SF highlights… well, except I still have a few posts to do on my favourite shops and some of my favourite finds we found over there. Then we’ll be back to normal blogging if I can remember what that was…