Wallpaper, wet weather and another chair

It’s been a weird old week.

After all the rushing and stressing of the past few weeks, which included a whole weekend of helping out with a music video shoot at the Barrowlands…

…I was all ready for some serious relaxing.

And then the heavens opened up.

Yup, it’s been foul this week in Scotland.

But thankfully it’s not been all doom and gloom.

This week, we’ve got wallpaper up in the living room, wallpaper up in the kitchen and started to reupholster another chair.

So here’s our week in pictures…

The April showers may have started early… but we now have our sunshiney Miss Print wallpaper up in the living room – and some cheery daffies too.

And as much as we love that wallpaper (it’s so happy), we are completely besotted with our kitchen wallpaper.

Regulars might remember my previous post on wallpaper… it inspired me to buy the Thornback and Peel wallpaper I’d had my eye on for ages. Doesn’t come out too well on the iphone but I’ll do better pics once the kitchen is done. (Promise.)

After all this diy fun (which has included a week’s worth of stressing over flooring for the kitchen and the hall… why is it so hard to find a rubber or vinyl that looks nice, doesn’t scratch and isn’t a ridiculous price?) we got cracking on another of our chair projects.

The last Parker Knoll we needed a bit of help on so we were determined to do this one all ourselves. Thankfully, our lastest freecycle/freegle Parker Knoll acquirement has no broken springs or internal problems so that’s been a big help!

But of course we forgot to take a proper ‘before’ pic… so here’s the midway pic:

And here’s is the prepped chair, ready for its new fabric… looks rather smart already I think.

And here’s the fabric… a rather budget-friendly, Japan-inspired one from Ikea. (As you might have guessed I’m loving all their Japan-themed fabrics at the moment… especially the one with Godzilla attacking Stockholm!)

Can’t wait to see how the final thing looks – hopefully we’ll get that done this weekend (inbetween munching Easter eggs of course!).

Happy Friday everyone – and hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend xx

P.S. A belated thanks to This Girl for the happy blog award – I’ll get round to passing it on soon.