Yeeha! It's our before and after Parker Knoll!

Ages and ages ago I picked up an old Parker Knoll chair from a Freecycler. Its previous owner had used it as the ‘naughty chair’ for their wee girl (who was very happy to see it go) but she’d grown out of it.

We decided that we’d use it to do our first reupholstering project… and as with all our diy decisions, we then decided to start work on something else completely.

pk chair

So for months it’s been hiding under a fleece and has been much loved by the cats alone… And then we bought some Cath Kidston cowboy fabric (for a completely different project) and came to conclusion that it would suit the Parker Knoll.

So here it is… I think it needs a cushion (something red and bold I feel) but it’s looking pretty good for a chair we got for free!


But the story doesn’t end there… we had quite a bit of the cowboy fabric leftover so we decided to tackle another ‘project-in-waiting’. This time involving an old footstool, a vintage suitcase and a cat. I’ll show you the pics of that in the next post!