A tale of two birds… and one bathroom

So the other week (Friday 21st to be exact) my little friendship birds arrived from the lovely Huma at Her Little Place. I haven’t found a home for them yet and Huma had suggested that they be featured in a bathroom post so here they are…


Yes, you’re all going… very good that’s your floor… where’s the rest of your bathroom? Well, it’s 5/6ths there but we still have some tiling to do (the engagement celebrations wiped out our planned day for that), the awol plasterer still has a bit to finish, the radiator needs to go back on the wall… and we put a bit of a spanner in the works (not literally) by deciding we wanted to cover a wall in this wallpaper…


Why is this so bad? Because quite simply we can’t afford this wallpaper. Even if we could, a mere 2 rolls costs over £350 to buy and I’m not sure that spending that amount on wallpaper for a bathroom is a good idea! (Especially considering we are wallpaper novices!)

So we searched high and low (if you can do that on the internet) for an alternative and failed miserably until I found a stencil that’s pretty similar. So if we get a full day to ourselves this weekend, we’re going to be brave and give it a go. Well, when I say “we” that probably means the other half is going to do it while I fret behind him!

And once that’s done (and if we’re successful) I can finally show the results! Been a long time coming hasn’t it?

P.S. Huma, I’m actually liking the little birds being in the bathroom a lot!

Second pic via Flickr