Time for some tea


I have a rather inelegant habit of fishing my tea bag out of my cup with my fingers so I’m thinking I may treat myself to this tea strainer from Caravan – it might make my tea consumption a little more elegant!

I had also hoped to show you my new yellow tea set I got last weekend but I went to a fashion sale at Moleta Munro last night instead of taking photos. (There were lots of lovely things on offer – but none that suited me unfortunately.) Anyway, my plan for this weekend is to take lots of pics of my recent charity shops and thrifty finds since I’ve been holding out on you all!

On other (sort of) tea-related matters, did you know that Lynne from Tea For Joy has now set up her shop Papermash? I’m having a dilemma as to what to show you from there – as my favourite stuff I may end up buying for friends. (The downside of people I know in real life reading my blog!) So here’s some of the postcards she’s selling – polariods of Paris. Aren’t they pretty?


Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Anyone up to anything exiciting? x

P.S. Thanks to My Black Book for the Lemonade Stand Award 🙂