How do you take yours?

So as well as celebrating the awesome cheesiness that is Eurovision at the weekend, I went with my family to see West Side Story. (Yup, this weekend was a little camp!) Before the show, most of my aunts and cousins rocked up at my flat – and proceeded to drink an amazing amount of tea. Proper tea too. Four pots worth with proper milk and real sugar. Not like my wussy green tea or Earl Grey in which the tea bag is just waved past the water.

Anyway, it made me think of this brilliant sampler by Glasgow-based Miso Funky that I spotted over at Made By Girl (I was going to save this to include in a future post on samplers but hey everyone needs a laugh on a Monday). I hope to goodness this isn’t true otherwise it means I’m very weak minded indeed!


P.S. How do you take your tea? Are you with me on the wussy tea or are you more of a builder’s brew fan? 😉