Love, peace and wallpaper

In the history of our rather long relationship, me and the other half have found we disagree on very few things (partly I suspect because he lets me have my own way more than he should). So we were both somewhat surprised to discover the one thing we couldn’t seem to agree on… wallpaper for our bedroom!

It’s the room in the flat with the least light so I wanted something that would brighten the room up and be quite relaxing. The other half was favouring more impactful stuff which I feared we (meaning me really) would get tired of too soon.

My three choices were as follows (I would show you the other half’s ones too but he’s forgotten what they were!)

1. Saplings wallpaper from MissPrint


2. Dotty Ferm wallpaper from 95% Danish


3. Primrose Hill Sherbet from Designer’s Guild (saw this in a magazine and it look really good with dark furniture and splashes of yellow)


So we were at an impasse until I was having a look at the before and after pics on the Living Etc forum (currently another obsession of mine) and I stumbled across gemma78’s bedroom makeover with lovely red Orla Kiely wallpaper. Now I have to say I wouldn’t have considered it had I seen the wallpaper not insitu but gemma78’s pics looked so great that I took a visit to Orla Kiely’s website. And there I found the following wallpaper…


And the other half likes it too. So looks like we have a winner! 🙂

For those who were curious about the wallpaper we had before (left over from the previous owner) here is as a wee comparison… (I eventually came to see Mexican style Day of Dead skulls in this print!!)