Just back from the framers…

Here’s a few prints I put into the framers about a month ago and they were finally ready to pick up today. Only thing is that we’re still not finished (barely started really) painting the walls, so they’re going to have to sit bubble-wrapped up for a while. But hey they look darn pretty and that’s what’s important, right?

1. My free Morag Myerscough‘s ‘ticket’ poster from her talk at ECA (I’m very impressed with how cool it looks especially as I had to take it home inside my coat on a very rainy night – and not long ago the other half dropped a box on it too!)


2. My Shinzi Katoh print that the lovely people at Shelf helped me track down (I have no idea why this pic is on its side… it’s defying me!)


3. My future map – my geography sucks so I’m hoping seeing this every day will improve it.