Loving Isla's links

A friend a while back sent me a couple of links that made her smile. I dutifully looked at them all, agreed that they made me smile too and then forgot all about them. So here are Isla’s links, which she had classified as yummy, yummier and oh my god…

1. Couverture http://www.couverture.co.uk/

Established in 1999, Couverture specialises in covetable one-off designer pieces for the home, European fashion collections for women, cute knitted toys and children’s clothing and accessories, as well as an ever changing flow of vintage finds. See below for a selection of their cool randomness…

2. Egg Press http://www.eggpress.com/

Egg Press has been designing and handcrafting letterpress greeting cards on our antique presses since 1999. Primarily known for their hand-made letterpress greeting card line, Egg Press also creates a daringly bold offset collection and many loveable screenprinted baby tees. Check out their ultra cute Valentine Day’s cards.


3. Sanna Annukka http://www.sanna-annukka.com/

Sanna Annukka is an illustrator and printmaker with a love for nature and folklore. She started selling prints at a design shop called Hygge in Islington, London. One lucky sale to led her to my very first commission which was to illustrate Keane’s second album ‘Under the Iron Sea.’ Since then she’s set up her own company printing limited edition silkscreen prints of her artwork and bags…