Dress your walls, not depress your walls

In many ways I like Ikea. I like that you can get a smart kitchen for not too much money. I like their glass cake stands, bright yellow candle lanterns and tree-shaped jewellery stands. (And their veggie hotdogs if I’m being honest.) But I hate their ‘art’. Maybe hate seems like too strong a word, but I despair of the tired selection of pebbles stacked on top of each, New York skylines, dodgy flower prints… It’s just all so mass-produced and impersonal. And I guess that’s what makes it worse, there is no way to make it personal. You can add cushions to a couch to make it your own, but you can’t add anything to a stock-shot style print.

So as an antithesis to Ikea art, here’s some of the very lovely stuff you can get from Box Art. Made by the also very lovely Kate, the illustrated/photo/vintage wallpaper canvases range from tattooed-style, 1950s bathers, retro romance to oriental glamour, stylish Scottie dogs and penguins at Portobello beach. Best of they can even be customised to match your interior (if you ask very nicely).