6 of my favourite things from the Design Museum London

This weekend, I was in London (and in France where the bus I was on crashed but that’s another story). With the encouragement of a colleague, I dragged my sleep-deprived and a bit hungover ass to the Design Museum in London. Most of it was shut but we did check out the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year (which featured the superb Make/Shift shelves), their cafe (the carrot cake was pretty fine) and of course the Design Museum shop, which made me break out in a kind of irrational shoppers’ panic. Do I really need a font clock? (Of course not.) Can I continue life without a pigeon light? (Probably.) Should I get my cousin’s baby that capitalist toy that’s made of logos? (Only if I want her to grow up to be a designer, spendaholic or both.) In the end I settled on buying some crinkle cups for the other half and a couple of postcards. But if my bank account was more buoyant, here’s what I would have bought:

6. Frankenstein – the Deluxe Edition

This is in the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year exhibt and is a perfect blend of two of my favourite things – gothic literature and graphic novels. (The first left-over from having studied literature at uni, the other a new love spawned from discovering the genius of Watchmen). In this revamped edition of Frankenstein, the book sleeve takes the form of a mini-comic depicting scenes from Frankenstein and how Mary Shelley came up with her creation. Great for reading by candle-light on a dark, stormy night…


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