A flocked chair? Why the flock not?

26 Feb

Why would you need a flocked chair? Who knows, but who cares when it’s as decadent as this. Not one for letting the kids or pets near, or any friends over
a certain weight, but if you’re looking for a chair with a little more ‘oooh’ this
might do the job.

It’s by English Eccentrics, who are, as far as I can gather, English and sort of eccentric. These chairs are made to order so they don’t come cheap (£595 each) but for that price you get a reproduction of a classic french chair, flocked in blue, pink, purple, red, orange or green and then upholstered in matching silk.

flock chair

Alternatively, you could always invest in one of their flocked wooden printing blocks for a mere £45. Ok, so you can’t sit on them and they aren’t that big, but they’re pretty nifty in a strokeable sort of way.Flocked block
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The writing's on the wall for Valentine's Day

14 Feb

Depending on your budget and how much a criminal record affects your future prospects, I reckon you have two options for Valentine’s Day. Either you buy him or her something really cool but still a little bit soppy, like this huge ‘i love you graffiti’ canvas from 55 Max. Or you get yourself a spray can and do a diy version somewhere your Valentine will see. (Remember this second option comes with free handcuffs for those on a budget.)

i love you canvas
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Make your own path… Buy your own print

27 Jan

Those crazy kids at Keep Calm have done it again. They have me salivating over a piece of paper. Not just any old paper but vintage maps – hand letterpressed no less. Yes, they’ve released another fine batch of Make Your Own Path prints by Douglas Wilson. Each is said to be unique as no two maps are exactly the same. And like
Keep Calm’s other great prints
, they’re atheistically pleasing and compellingly instructional. Just what you need from your wall art…

mapMake your own path… Buy your own print
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A designer light that's brilliantly rubbish

14 Jan

January is quite honestly a rubbish month. You and your bank account are all suffering after the indulgence of the festive season. And your home looks pretty bleak minus the bright lights and decorations of your Christmas tree. What you really need is a new funky light to brighten up these grey days – but who has the budget? Well, can you stretch to a tenner? If so, I suggest investing in a Milkit. This nifty little eco pack gives you everything you need to convert a milk bottom into a lamp. Just make sure you clean the bottle really thoroughly first!


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2 fab 'let your legs do the talking' conversation pieces

14 Dec

If you live in the UK, then you’ll be used to going out partying on nights that would freeze the fur off a polar bear. But just because we live in a baltic climate doesn’t mean you have to put up with corned beef legs or wear the wooliest of wooly tights when wearing a dress. No, all you have to do is invest in some conversation pieces for your pins. Here’s my two favs – they’ll turn any dress or oversized t-shirt into an instant party outfit.

1. Pretty peacock and sew sequin bebaroque tights

Tights. Not even Wonder Woman makes them look good. But then she never had
a pair of bebaroque tights. The Scottish label, started in 2007 by Mhairi McNicol and Chloe Patience, does the most super ‘leg wear’. Hand embroidered, screen printed, multi-coloured, these luxurious beauties are also 80 denier so you’ll stay cosy and look cool.

legs leg2

2. American Apparel lame and vegas leggings

Oh, let me count the ways I love American Apparel leggings. (Ok, let’s not. Otherwise we’ll be here a while.) Anyhoo, I love these. I love the different colours and the different finishes – and ok, some are a bit sparkly and mirrorball-like, but they’ll keep the chill off and certainly make a talking point of your legs.

leggings 1leggings 2

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Have yourself a cooler Yule – Snowflake necklace

8 Dec

Christmas. A time of tinsel, bad jumpers and, dare I say it, outright tat. So, this year, why not break with tradition and get yourself a cool yule conversation piece. These fab perspex necklaces from Brookadelphia –Snowflake and Ice – are handmade in Brooklyn and Philadelphia (hence the name). Get yours here.

snowflakeice baby

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A rather sexy… tea towel?

13 Nov

Ok, here at Conversation Pieces HQ, I may have gone a little tea towel crazy. Who knew drying the dishes had this much potential? My new favourite is Emma Bridgewater’s rather sexy Daniel Craig tea towel. Yours here for a mere £6. The dreams of course come free 😉

daniel craig

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T-shirtless? Time to get some Threadless.

7 Nov

Hankering after a tee that’s a bit smarter than the average? Then check out Threadless. It’s a brilliant US site where people submit their t-shirt designs, other people vote on them, and the designs with the most votes become real, but limited edition, t-shirts. Plus if a favourite t-shirt gets sold out, you can vote for it to be re-printed. Genius.

Yours for only $15 each (or sign up for their newsletter and they’ll let you know when they have their most bargainous $10 sales). A word of warning though, these t-shirts get addictive – I’ve lost count of how many I’ve bought!


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