Keep Calm tea towel

13 Oct

Ever lose your cool while washing dishes? Then this little conversation piece is for you. Like the posters and screenprints, this timely little reminder is based on an old World War II poster. Get yours for £9.95 from Pedlars.

1390 3 Keep Calm tea towel

button1 bm Keep Calm tea towel

4 haunting Halloween treats

8 Oct

Halloween’s coming… What better time to indulge in a few little gothic treats.

First up, check out these sparkly vampire lips from Lady Luck Rules OK. Available
as a necklace or earrings in blood red or darkest night black. They’re fang-tastic.

vampire lips nl red p 4 haunting Halloween treatsvampire lips er black p 4 haunting Halloween treats


"This is not a book" shelf… the Self Shelf

2 Oct

Here’s a conversation piece to make you smile… the Self Shelf.

By Nicole Van Schouwenburg and Irene Klinkenberg, the Self Shelf is a shelf that looks like a book. It’s attached to the wall using the supplied bracket and will ‘invisibly’ support your favourite books. Ideal if you’re into witty, minimalistic design.

The only giveaway that all is not what it seems: the title. ‘Ceci n’est pas un livre’ means ‘this is not a book’ in French. (And, of course, the author’s name: S.E.L.F. Shelf.) Get yours from Twenty Twenty One.

selfshelf500 "This is not a book" shelf... the Self Shelf [...]

Uber Cool Mug Tree

27 Sep

Yes, I know this sounds like a contradiction. Uber cool and mug tree. But trust me this one is pretty special. For a start, this is an actual tree (made of powder coated steel). Then it has the pear shaped coasters – which slot neatly into the cutouts that hold the mugs. And then there’s the squirrel. Who doesn’t love squirrels? Only problem is that your kitchen may suffer a sudden lack of coolness by comparison. Set includes the Mug Tree, 4 fruit coasters and 4 mugs. Buy yours at Not On The Highstreet.  Uber Cool Mug Tree

Make/Shift Shelves by Peter Marigold

25 Sep

Here’s one to get them talking. Make/Shift – a genius idea for indecisive storage from Peter Marigold.

It’s a shelving system with individual wedges that you put together in the shape you want. (You can make them fill a space or have them freestanding.) Then when you get tired of it, you can shift them and make something else. Hence the name Make/Shift.

Made from a foam-like substance called ARPRO, they’re available in black, white and pink. Get your Make/Shift from Movisi.

makeshift1 Make/Shift Shelves by Peter Marigoldmakeshift2 Make/Shift Shelves by Peter Marigoldmakeshift3 Make/Shift Shelves by Peter Marigold

3 Audrey Hepburn Holly Golightly sleep-masks

21 Sep

If you’re like me and get woken up by the sun every morning, a good sleep mask is a real essential. But what’s a girl to do when all the ones out there are boring, bland or crude? Simple. Get yourself a replica of Holly Golightly‘s sleep mask. Ok, so you won’t look like Audrey Hepburn by the next morning but you will look ‘very good’ while you sleep.

2683 4265 3 Audrey Hepburn Holly Golightly sleep masks

1. Fred Flare’s fluttery Holly Golightly sleep mask

What better way to add a little beauty to your beauty sleep? This gorgeous sleep mask from super-sweet US shop Fred Flare is satin-lined and comes with fluttery fake-eyelashes stuck on – very much like the original. Unfortunately Fred Flare no longer do US to UK shipping but you can either beg Americans you know to buy you one or set yourself up with the mail forwarding service AccessUSA, who’ll set you up with your very own American address!

2683 d 3 Audrey Hepburn Holly Golightly sleep masks

2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s sleep mask from Figleaves

Can’t wait for delivery from the good old US of A? Figleaves do have an almost ‘Holly Golightly’ sleep-mask. Sadly without the fabulous eyelashes but it does have sequins which almost make up for it.

r2556 p524483 front 3 Audrey Hepburn Holly Golightly sleep masks

3. Make your own sleep mask with Lady Luck Rules OK

If you have a Holly Golightly style budget then invest in Around The World In 13 Makes. It’s a huge bumper pack of fab make-and-dos, including making your own pink sleep mask with felt eyelashes. I just bought mine the other day so if I can make it so can you! As well as the mask, you’ll also get step-by-step instructions on how to make 13 ace accessories – and you get ALL the super cute charms, ace findings, brill buttons, fancy fabric and bits ‘n’ bobs you need to make them all. Brilliant for those of us who breakfast at Starbucks, not Tiffany’s!

mask2 3 Audrey Hepburn Holly Golightly sleep masks

button1 bm 3 Audrey Hepburn Holly Golightly sleep masks

Animal face mug

19 Sep

How’s this for a conversation piece? It’s a plain white mug – pretty ordinary, nothing special. But then, on the bottom, animal faces. Bring them out when stuffy relatives come round and see if they notice. I’ve got mine in dog, rabbit, monkey and tiger designs. Get yours at Thorsten Van Elten.

Update 27/05/08: Got a nose for a bargain? (Sorry.) The animal face mugs are now on sale at Urban Outfitters for £5.99 each. Get yours here.

mug Animal face mug

4 cooler than Carrie's name necklaces

14 Sep

The Sex and the City movie is on its way. But of all the issues this raises – will Carrie marry Big? how big will her flower corsages be? will the film be a big hit or a big flop? – the biggest is “where can you get a Carrie-style name necklace?” Of course, many people will point you in the direction of Argos’ finest Elizabeth Duke, but here at Conversation Pieces, I’ve come up with 4 alternatives that are infinitely cooler and a whole lot less chavy. Just beat the rush before the SATC movie comes out – and pretend you’ve had yours all along.

1. The divine Tatty Devine name necklace

Instead of brassy gold, you can get your name in classy perspex in 3 different fonts (my favourite is Holiday), with 3 different charms and in loads of different colours.

newnamenecklace half1 4 cooler than Carrie's name necklaces

2. The lovely Lola Pop name necklace

Show the world just how much you love your name with these fab name necklaces. You can choose a big heart (£25) or a small heart (£20) and then have your name emblazoned across it. I’m quite taken with both and really can’t decide.

300 3 4 cooler than Carrie's name necklaces 300 41 4 cooler than Carrie's name necklaces

3. The Lady Luck Rules OK knitted name necklace

Not one for when it rains, but this is a purl-fect alternative to gold or perspex. Available in a spectrum of super coloured yarn, you can have any word up to 7 letters (and for extra cuteness you can replace a letter with a heart!) Your name will be hand-knitted by Kandy Diamond (do you think that’s her real name?), then hand stitched together on the reverse. Yours for a mere £20.

knit hello nl1 p 4 cooler than Carrie's name necklaces

4. Make your own name necklace

If you’re feeling crafty or feeling the pinch, you could always make your own name necklace. Just visit this project on the genius Cut Out + Keep site. All you have to do is get a packet of Shrinkies, drawing materials, a hole punch, a necklace chain and an oven. A little more work than the other 3 but I think it’s pretty cool to be able to say you made it yourself!

pixel 4 cooler than Carrie's name necklaces
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