Friday I'm in love… with Pen Pencil Stencil

29 Jan

I came across these gorgeous wooden objects the other day by Pen Pencil Stencil. Aren’t they fab?

I can’t decide whether I love the collection of ‘kokeshi’ most or the pencil pirate… (I certainly never knew I needed a pencil pirate until now!).

His blog is rather lovely too – especially as he works in Japan quite often and has loads of great snaps of things he’s seen there. So makes me want to be back there now though!

Have a great weekend everyone xx

Found via Present and Correct

Weddingnesday… pretty in blue

27 Jan

So on Saturday myself and the fab Not So Nippy met with Sequoia and Sam from Mirrorbox Photography for a natter (and cup of the green stuff) about wedding photography.

They’re both lovely girls and have a real infectious enthusiasm for what they do – I left wishing my wedding was sooner than it is as I was so excited about some of the stuff we’d been talking about.

The eagle-eyed among you may have realised that I’ve already shown you Sequioa’s wedding, but then I spotted Sam’s wedding over at Rock ‘n Roll Bride so I had to share.

Doesn’t she look so pretty in blue? (And how amazing is her hat?!)

Makes me want to be a shade braver with the dress I pick.

My style resolutions…

26 Jan

Eeek! My style resolutions are on Tea For Joy today. This means I’m going to have to stick to them!

Thankfully I’ve been quite kind to myself (ie cheated) and not given myself too many tasks for 2010…

If you want to check them out, have a look here

P.S. Check out how snowy it was the day I wrote them!!

Would you rather…

25 Jan

A little question for a Monday morning. Would you rather have a mini harmonica necklace or a mini whistle necklace?

I’m undecided. I know for a fact that I can’t play a harmonica but when it’s this tiny does that matter? Hmmm…

1. SeaUnicorn 2. MothHouse

Things to make you smile

22 Jan

There’s not enough fun in life is there? (Especially not in January.)

A friend’s resolution for 2010 is to have more fun. I think it’s the perfect kind of resolution – none of this do better, be better, stop being worse we all beat ourselves up with – it’s a promise to yourself to get the giggles more, smile until your face hurts and laugh until you can’t remember why you were laughing.

So in honour of that resolution (and because I feel like I need reminding of the fun things in life) here’s a few things to make you smile – including some of my favourite smiley quotes.

Have a lovely weekend everyone xx


1. Hopeless 2. thesmallobject 3. kristimcmurry’ 4. design sponge 5. ouma 6. Hellomarine 7. thesmallobject 8. farouche 

Smile quotes by me (well, the quotes are from but I designed them!)

Weddingnesday… a dreamy theme

20 Jan

How beautiful are all these photos by Lola’s Room? I’m in love…

Wouldn’t they make for the most gorgeous, dreamy wedding theme?

I’m especially falling head over heads for the scrabble letters and penguin books… oh, and the Polaroid camera, and the teacups, and… well all of it really!

P.S. Meeting my first potential wedding photographer on Saturday – and even though we’re still no further on deciding on a venue (why is it so hard?) – it’s beginning to feel like we’re some progress. Yippee!

Happy Weddingnesday everyone xx

Because it's Monday…

18 Jan

All images found via her0in_chic

Friday I'm in love… with going places

15 Jan

It’s Friday and I feel like I could do a little dance of joy I’m such a good mood today. I’ve had a great – if totally knackering – week.

On Tuesday, the other half booked us tickets to go to San Francisco, Las Vegas and maybe San Diego (haven’t quite made up our minds on that one) in April.

As you can imagine we’ve been joking about getting married at the Little White Chapel all week. Don’t think we’ll do it though…

And then on Wednesday, I was off seeing BBC Scotland about a TV pilot I wrote for them. I’m not sure if anything will come of it but it’s exciting all the same – and a good kick-up the butt to keep going with my outside of work writing.

Also this week, I’ve also been plotting and planning… as I’m thinking of starting an online shop for the crafty stuff the other half makes. You’ll have seen some of the things he does on this blog (and I’ll hopefully show you more soon) but it would be nice to get him an outlet for what he does – and there’s only so many things he can make for me! Will tell you more when I know more!

And then yesterday, I discovered some lovely person (thank you whoever you were!) had nominated me for the the Little Blog Awards. I never knew I wanted a Little Blog Awards egg cup before but I certainly do now!

If you fancy voting for me (pretty please), you can click the egg cup image in the sidebar of this blog or click here.

Anyway, as it’s Friday and I’m feeling like stuff is on the move, I thought it was a good excuse to show you this ‘Have a Good Journey’ poster from the ever brilliant Shelf.

Have a great weekend everyone – and if anyone has any San Fran, Las Vegas and San Diego tips I’d love to hear them!

Wedding chapel found on flickr
Egg cup from mutteringsfromthemoor
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