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Meet my new typewriter, vintage china… and, um, butter churner

18 Apr

Last Sunday, I spotted an army green typewriter at a car boot sale,
decided not to buy it and then regretted it as soon as we left.

This Sunday, the other half went ‘booting’ on his own and bagged
this lovely blue (and still working) typewriter. The boy done good!

We’ve also (for reasons some of you might guess) been collecting
more vintage china – from car boots, charity shops and junk places.

These little beauties came from a charity shop… the insides of them are so pretty.

A little yellow lady… me in another time perhaps?

The fox-owl-cat guards some of our new finds…

We’ve also been acquiring some vintage suitcases of which my favourite
is this Spartan number… I think we should use it for our mini moon.

And we found a little 3D view master…

With a reel of brilliant bird images.
Love this one so much!

As well as the car booting, I bought us this rather gorgeous drinks set
from Thrift-ola… if you haven’t checked out Leona’s new shoppe, you should!

I also came across this yellowy vintage teapot in Curiouser and Curiouser.
I’d only gone in to get some baker’s twine but how could I resist?

And in a junk shop in Glasgow, I found a vintage butter churn!
A crazy looking thing that  I just fell in love with…

No idea if we’ll ever try and churn butter with it of course!Between now and the wedding, we’ve got quite a few more booting
mornings planned, I do wonder what we’ll come home with next?


Found any lovely thrifty finds yourself lately?

The loved and lost list…

22 Feb

Anyone else do this?

You spot something you like on Etsy (or ebay).

You bookmark it, pin it, whatever you do.

Then promptly forget about  it.
(Or assume that no-one else will have
spotted it before you can afford to buy it.)

Of course, once it’s sold, you’re gutted.

And you thus begin a life-long quest
to find a replacement version that
will never be quite the same.


Here’s some of my loved/lost list:

(Also known as the “hurry up universe
and throw one of these my way” list!)

I really do wish I’d bought this school map.

Yes, it’s Canadian and I’ve never been there
but look at the colours and the size of it. *sigh*

This is the thing that inspired this post.

Do I need a Vintage Portable Music Air Organ?

Um, no.

Did I want this a Vintage Portable Music Air Organ?

Yes. A lot.

(Again might be something to do with the colours!)

My other half’s surname (and mine to be) has the word ‘pear’ in it.

So I thought about buying this pear money bank
(from the lovely Tales of a Junkaholic).

And then I thought about it some more
until some lucky soul snapped it up.

I owned a Fisher Price record player when I was little.
It looked sort of this (but without the ‘from Santa’ message.)
I’m still stalking similar ones on ebay.

Again this is sort of just a colourful map.

Well, a colourful map of the inside of a frog.

I couldn’t decide if this would be too disturbing in real life.
And I still have no idea where I would have put it.
(Not in the kitchen I’m guessing!)

Yes, another globe.
But look at the stand!

It’s not a map or a globe or even colourful
but this gorgeous vintage dress still gets
a place on my ‘lost’ list.

Isn’t it just perfect?


So how about you all?
What are your loved/lost things?

Maybe between us all we can track
down some replacements!


1. ethanollie 2. daindain 3. Tales of a Junkaholic
4. Thrush 5. luckylittledot 6. sweetshorn 7. Vintageous

P.S. Yes I do have a bit of a thing for maps and globes!


Happy best year ever…

5 Jan

So 2011. Otherwise known as the year of our wedding.

Pretty much as soon as the bells struck people
started shouting ‘you’re getting married this year!’

But with 364 days when we’re not getting married
I’m hoping that lots of other exciting things
are going to happen to us this year too.

This will be our first year when we’re not doing major DIY
so we’ll get to find out what life is like without paint,
wallpaper paste, caulk, plaster and dust.

(We won’t be totally DIY free though – as there’s still lots
of wedding DIY to be done but let’s skip over that detail!)

It’s also nice to get a bit of a fresh start.
The second half of 2009 was in a word: tricksy.
Some really great things happened to us but some
not so great, non-bloggable things happened too.

So it’s nice to draw a line under it all and say well, that
was then and this is now. Onwards, upwards…

Basically, we’re hoping for our best year ever, not just the best day ever.

And if none of our plans pan out, well, we still have a mini moon
and then hopefully a honeymoon to Japan to look forward to.

Happy New Year everyone.
Here’s hoping it’s your best yet.


(calendar via spreadthelove)

Because it's (another snowy) Monday…

6 Dec

Right now I am obsessed with 3 things:

1. Mint hot chocolate

2. Cosy cuteness

3. Trying to find my wellies

Yes my life is currently a blur of coveting Costa’s
hot chocolate and trying not to succumb too often.

Craving cosy cute stuff to compensate for the fact
that I’m dressing like the Michelin man!
(I have already asked Santa for one
of Hilary Grant‘s lovely scarfs.)

And obsessing over where the heck my darn
wellies can be… typical they should go missing
when there’s the most snow ever!


1. my extreme measures 2. a Yes Jess
2. b Hilary Grant 2. c little fille 3. sloe gin fizz

Green with coat envy…

30 Nov

I’m having a bit of a coat obsession moment. Can you tell?

On my quest for the perfect coat, I came across this gorgeous number

Ok, so that’s real fox fur on the collar (yuck) but how lovely is that green?

I could definitely do a green coat if I can’t find a yellow one.

(Thanks for all your yellow coat suggestions…
especially the person who found the exact yellow
duffle on ebay for me… which I then got outbid on. D’oh!)

But best of all is that having a green coat would (might)
look this good with some bright yellow accessories.

Let’s just ignore that, with 6 inches of snow outside, heels like
these are totally out of the question!

Friday… I've got yellow coat envy

26 Nov

On Wednesday I wore the yellow Orla Kiely cardigan my sis got me for my birthday.

I felt like a little ray of sunshine in a cold, grey world.

Then on the same day I spotted this yellow duffle coat.

Instant coat envy!

And how adorable is Taza’s coat?

(Such a cute pic too.)

Or how about this wee beauty?

Now I really really really want a yellow coat.

The only condition is that it must be super cozy.

(And super affordable too.)

(And flattering… ok that was more than one condition.)

A quick peek in the shops lots of grey, black and khaki green.

No yellow to be seen!


Anyone else cursed with coat envy?

Friday I'm love… with this Morning and Night print

12 Nov

I absolutely adore this print by Dolce Press. It’s just so sweet and clever.

During the day, the print tells you to ‘have a good morning’.

But that’s only the top half of the print… the second half a secret message for you too.

Can you guess what it is?

Yup, at night, when the lights go out, the print tells you to ‘have a good night’. Genius!

They’ve sold out their first run but I’m hoping they’ll do more
so I can buy one for our bedroom. Too cute not to!

Have a good morning/night/weekend everyone xx

UPDATE: Just got word from Dolce Press that they’re not reissuing the print 🙁
What do you think the chances are that I can make my own version?!

UPDATE UPDATE: Dolce Press have been in touch to say they
are making another version. Whoop!

Found via here

Just a quiet birthday night in…

2 Nov

For this year’s birthday, the OH had planned (at my insistence) a quiet night in for me… just a few friends coming round, some cupcakes and a glass of fizz.

No big Halloween bash, just a chilled, casual evening – but old habits die hard.

Especially when your OH has bought you an official bottle of Tru Blood to drink!

And has made you some ceramic fangs to wear…

… which look rather dapper with your fake moustaches…

… and then a friend brings you a pumpkin piñata (the video footage of us all trying to ‘bash’ the piñata makes me cry with laughter!)

… and then you decide that Tru Blood tastes better with a little vodka (in the cup your OH has made you especially)!

So all in all, the quiet night in turned out into a mini Halloween giggle-fest… .

… complete with very yummy blood red velvets that the OH baked too…

… and his rather superb owly and dapper dude pumpkins…

Thank you everyone… the girl who didn’t want to party happily admits a party was just what she needed. For once, I’ll forgive you all for not listening to me!

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