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Because it's Monday…

18 Jan

All images found via her0in_chic

Because it's Monday…

7 Dec

… it’s a good excuse to show you this gorgeous bunting from treatzone.

Tuesday Bluesday

17 Nov


Maybe it’s because it’s November and it gets dark around 4pm right now but a lot of people I know have been feeling a bit blue lately.

So I thought I would share a few lovely things to sunshine-ify your day.

– These gorgeous pics should make you smile… Paris + Polaroids = Love

– How to do the perfect messy French bun

Wolf pjs so you can pretend you’re in Where The Wild Things Are

– How to show your love for Top Gun

– And finally a bit of on-street encouragement spotted in London

Feeling any more yellow, red, purple or green yet?


Illustrations via because studio
Messy bun link originally found via A Cup of Jo

Today I would like to be…

12 Oct


How did it get to be Monday already? If I ruled the world I think I would make 3-day weekends mandatory and Mondays would just be for chilling out, sleeping in and pottering around the house. Who’s with me?

Elise Smile illustration via ffffound

Words of wisdom?

4 Aug




I must admit (as you may have noticed) that I love what I call ‘instructional’ posters. But I do sometimes what wonder what would happen if you tried to live your life by them… Can you ‘work hard and be nice to people’ while drinking more gin? Guess that might depend on how much gin you drink to start with!

Posters from Concrete Hermit.

A little reminder… or two

27 Jul


I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed this last week – just letting all the renovation/money-stress/work/no-bathroom/not-a-moment-to-ourselves stuff get on top of me, which I really should know better than by now.

So I’m totally appreciating Sparkle Power‘s work today – her ‘everything is going to be alright’ print reminds me of when I first saw the infamous ‘Keep Calm’ poster. What is it about this kind of sentiment that’s just so damn reassuring?

I’m also adoring her ‘La La Love You’ print – which is reminding me to stop taking stuff so seriously. (And it’s yellow too which I feel there hasn’t been enough of in my life lately.)


As for her range of bunting, I so heart both of these – and the second pic is ultra adorable.



Anyway, in amidst all this ‘la la la-ing’ I’ve decided (in place of a proper vacation) to take a wee blogcation until this round of renovation is done and I’m back to my usual self. (Knowing me I’ll probably be back sooner than I think!)

Don’t have too much fun without me 😉 x

P.S. Thanks to the lovely Shallow Mallow for the Lemonade Award. You’ve made me want a Dip Dab too!

Lost Monday

27 Jul

This photo – inspired by an Elliott Smith song – pretty much sums up what I would like to do right now. Today would have been the start of our week’s holiday – if my days off hadn’t ended up clashing with a colleague’s. We would have only been going camping but it would have been so nice to get away and get lost for a while. (It would have also meant we got to escape for a bit while the bathroom is being done but such is life.) I have no idea where the place in the picture is – but it looks like it would be nice to go there and amble about in sunshine. *Sigh*

Photo found here.

Bathroom bother…

21 Jul



Sometimes no other word will do. Just discovered that the tiler that had been recommended to us is a little bit dear (to say the least!) so we’re currently on the case trying to track down another (who doesn’t think we’re made of money) for the start of next week.

Anyone done any tiling? I’ve done grouting before but never tiling… But I’m beginning to think it has to be easier than shelling out all that money? Right?

The only thing that’s calming me down is that it’s a good excuse to show you this wall art from Stitchface. Very cute and it’s reminding me to breathe a bit… (Renovation is bad for your health I swear!)

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