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You had me at cake… heart cake and heart bunting

9 Feb

It’s nearly Valentine’s…
so that seems like the perfect
time to talk heart cake…

I came across this idea by I Am Baker
before our wedding and thought
‘oooh that looks like nice’.

I did not read the bit that said “this was not easy”.

I think my brain was not paying attention
to minor details like that at the time!

So I asked our baker, who was making the only
cake not made by family and friends,
just to make us something simple…
like, um, this heart cake.

And make he did. I believe he actually made
about 4 versions… which makes me cringe a little!

We still have this much cake left
but it’s in the freezer to be saved for…
whenever you’re meant to save things for!

But I was thinking that maybe, just maybe
it would good to make a version myself.

Maybe just a small one?
Looking at the tutorial, it doesn’t
look that hard does it?

If anyone has seen an easier
way to do it, do let me know!

Oh but the heart bunting… well that’s at least simple!

Oh yes, I’m sneaking another washi tape DIY in on you!

You just need heart straws, red washi tape,
baker’s twine and a heart hole punch.

Snip into your straws (so you put the twine through them)
and then you fold over little bits on tape onto your twine…

Then use your punch to make the hearts…
Now I’m not going to pretend punching hearts out
of sticking tape isn’t fiddly but it works!


If anyone has heart cake suggestions,
or has made one, do let me know…

Maybe I could cheat by cutting a cake
in half and use a heart cookie cutter
to fill the middle bit?

(This is why someone else made the cake!)


Heart cake pics from I Am Baker
Wedding cake pics by Lillian and Leonard

Weddingnesday… the night before (and doing wedding flowers at midnight)

1 Feb

So… back in October (eeek, where did time go?)
I blogged about the run-up to our wedding.

As a recap, the three days before the big day:
there’d been a funeral, a minor freakout,
a frenzied bakeathon and full-on packing.

And then here we were. The day before the wedding.

All our helpers made it to our venue first.
They put out the benches and put up my trees
so when we arrived this is pretty much what we saw above.

It was a definite moment stepping into our tipis.
The moment I realised that it might just be all ok.
I think I shivered. And maybe giggled.
I would have hugged all our helpers
but for fear of getting weepy!

Then it was down to business…
arranging the tables and chairs,
putting up all the bunting,
hanging our gorgeous ‘do I love you’ sign
that my uncle made for us…

And oh yes, the scary bit…

Yup, the flowers.

One thing everyone said to me
was ‘do not do your own flowers’.

But circumstances (including being screwed
over by our not so lovely bank) meant that
well, doing our own flowers was exactly
what we were going to do.

So I bought some Craspedias… or yellow balls
as I think kept calling them.

And pink and darker pink gerberas…

And eh… broccoli.

Ok, they’re Chrysanthemums.

But my now mother-in-law’s first reaction
was ‘oh, that looks like broccoli’.

Cue some extremely nervous giggling from me.

Then onto the bouquets…

My little sis was a godsend here.

If you follow the pictures above, you’ll see
I’m back to giggling by one point
and she’s just continuing regardless.

Yes, midnight making of bouquets
is not really something I’d recommend.
It can be done. And some of it was fun.
But it was rather intense!

Here’s how we made them:
selected flowers, bunched them together,
trimmed, tied with florist wire near the top
and then wrapped some washi tape
round the middle. (Yes, I’m obsessed!)

Along with the flowers, we made the boys’ buttonholes.
Fox masks for our ‘no photo booth’ photo booth.
And some more bunting. (Because we needed that.)

Our friends headed to bed around 1am.
At 2am, me and my now husband were still
trying to work out the table plans
when we got a text from my sis
saying ‘get to bed… now.’

So a night of sleep for him
and a night of no sleep for me later
and it was the morning…

And my… if our flowers didn’t look
too bad in the morning light!

We rushed around that morning (though kept separate by our friends)
still setting up things… like the chalkboard table plan!

And then we reached this point…

And all that was left was for us to get ready…
because, heck, there was going to be a wedding!

So that was the set-up. An insane, crazy effort
that we couldn’t have achieved without
my sister, my maid of honour, the best man,
his wife (the best lady), my now parents-in-law
and my Dad and his girlfriend.

Thank you all so very, very much.
You really are the best-est friends
and family a guy and a gal
could hope to have!


P.S. If you have any wedding questions,
feel free to ask… I probably could
have made this post ten times longer!


Pics from day before: from our best lady.
Pics from the morning: Lillian and Leonard.

Because it’s Tuesday… how to make ‘not cake pops’

17 Jan

For our wedding, friends and family made
all the cakes, puddings and desserts.

They were all supremely good.
And we had too much.

But two nights before the wedding
I was worried we wouldn’t have enough.
So I wanted to bake.

Someone suggested making cake pops.
One glance at the recipes revealed that
it was not something that my
pre-wedding brain
could cope with.

So I decided to make ‘not cake pops’ instead.
Otherwise known as biscuit and marshmallow pops.

I made them for the kids –
but all the adults ate them first!
Though not before they got
a starring role in our wedding…

Yup…  this is us doing our posed
‘we are signing the register’ picture…
(after having actually signed the register)
complete with biscuit and marshmallow pops!


I’ve made a few more batches since…
that’s how easy they are to make
and how yummy they are to eat.

Here’s how to make your own:
(I take no responsibility for
how many you might eat!)

You’ll need:

Double-stuff Oreos (has to be the double stuff ones)


Long lolly sticks (you can get these from Hobbycraft)

Melting candy (any colour; again you can get this from Hobbycraft)

Decoration (we used white chocolate stars and sprinkles)

A colander and a chopstick


To make your Oreo biscuit pop…

1. Slowly start to melt your candy in a glass bowl inside a pot of hot water.
Keep the water below boiling point or it will burn the candy.

2. Take Oreo double stuff biscuit and insert stick carefully.
(It’s easier if you use a cocktail stick to
create a hole before inserting the stick.)
If the biscuit halves separate then simply use
some melted candy to glue them back together.

3. Place the newly ‘stuck’ Oreos into your freezer for approx 10mins.
(This is pretty important or they fall apart when you dip them in the candy!)

4. Once Oreos are chilled and the candy is nice and runny,
it’s time to dip them. The best way to coat them is to use
a ‘dip and spin’ technique – as this removes any excess candy.
Use a chopstick to smooth the candy down and clean up the edges.

5. Now you need your colander.
Turn it upside down and use the holes to put the pop’s lolly stick in.
(This way, your pop can dry without getting stuck to another pop.)

6. Before the candy dries, add your stars or decoration.

7. Try not to eat immediately. If you can.
(Of course, you do need to sample some
for quality control so that’s allowed!)


To make your marshmallow pop…

1. Insert the sticks into the marshmallows.

2. Dip into the candy, using the same ‘dip and spin’ technique.

3. Place in the colander and then decorate.

4. Leave to set.

5. And then eat as many as you can…
before everyone else does!


P.S. For a handy paper version of this ‘how to’
get yourself a copy of the Hannah Zakari zine
as they kindly featured my ‘not cake pops’ there.

P.P.S. This is my first post on grown-up wordpress.
Do let me know if anything glitchy,
I feel like a blogging newbie again!


Image 1: Lillian and Leonard at our wedding
Image 3: snapped by my uncle
All other images: by me.

Weddingnesday… scenes from an impending marriage

23 Nov

I picked up this book on my last visit to London.
I bought it because I’m a graphic novel geek
(not sure if I’ve mentioned that before)
and I have other books by the same writer.

I’d expected it to be good.
I hadn’t really expected
to go through it nodding.

“That was so us.”

“Um, this was us.
Oh and this.”

“And heck, this too.”

Yup, we are not original, unique snowflakes!

Here’s the bits that were very us:


(It may have been me who brought up eloping. A lot.)


(Every single bit of this was us. Except we didn’t go and help a charity!)


(Ah the rain question… Look at weather website, fret, and repeat.)


(This conversation happened a few times.
The funny thing is that in the end
the other half invited so many people
that we nearly didn’t have enough seats.)


(On the Thursday before the wedding, I tried shopping
for wedding socks. For the groom, best man etc.
And all that happened was that I lost my mind
in John Lewis and had to go home instead.
The responsibility of socks was too much for me!)


(Our wedding was the same week as a funeral.
As a result, we kept calling our wedding a funeral.
And the funeral a wedding. Finding yourself
talking about making a bouquet for a funeral
is a very, very odd thing indeed.)


(We painstakingly handmade, hand-wrote our invites.
Crazy fools that we are. This makes me laugh
in a slightly manic way as a result.)

And that:

(Perfect is overrated. Really it is.
Something will go wrong.
And guess what? No-one will notice.
Except you. But by that point,
it’s just funny. And screw it,
you’re married. So who cares?)

So, anyone else  over-identifying?!
(For those who had the scanner gift list,
there’s a bit in the book about that too!)

Also I can’t decide if this book would be good
to give to friends when they get engaged?
Or to only give to them once they’re married?

P.S. Apparently this book was originally
the favour for their wedding.
How cool is that?!

I Do DIY… jam jars with bunting and hearts washi tape

10 Oct

Truth be told, I don’t eat a lot of jam.

I do however like putting flowers in jam jars.

So one of the first DIY things we did
for the wedding was collect jam jars.

We sourced them from family, friends, freecycle
and oh yes, even bought some jam ourselves.
Well, marmalade and lemon curd.

Eventually we had lots.
(Lots here means we lost count.)

I wanted to customise them somehow.
But in a way that was easy, quick and cheap.
(You’ll see that theme running through all my DIYs!)

Then I hit upon the idea
of using my Japanese washi tape.

I had quite a few rolls,
picked up from various places
for a future unknown craft project.

So one Sunday afternoon, armed with scissors, jars
and scissors, we started to washi tape the jars…

First came the hearts, then the little sayings,
then table numbers… and finally bunting.

It was honestly one of the most
therapeutic bits of wedding planning.
Even if I did start to doubt my sanity
after looking at too many jam jars!


Here’s how to make them:

1. Washi tape hearts

a. choose your colour of tape and cut two equal strips
b. put them together to make an ‘L’ shape
c. cut a semi-circle at one end, then the other
d. attach to jar. that’s it!

2. Washi tape sayings
You will need a rolling stamp for this
(it’s the same one I used for our invites)

a. pick a colour, cut a section and lay it flat
b. load up your stamp with ink
c. press your stamp on the tape
d. carefully put the tape onto the jar
(don’t touch the ink or it will smudge)

3. Washi tape table numbers

As well as jam jars (and fluff jars)
we had a lot of pasta sauce jars.
We used these for making our table numbers.

Here’s how to make a ‘1’.
The same theory applies for all numbers but
with a whole lot more bits for curvy numbers.

a. cut 3 sections of tape – a small square,
a medium and a long piece.
b. make a cup of tea, you deserve it.
c. place the tape onto the jar as below.

4. Washi tape bunting

I loved doing the bunting jars.
Total switch off mode.

On round jars, I only did the fronts.
On Bonne Maman jars, I did the whole way
round because the bunting fit perfectly so.

Here’s how:

a. choose your bunting colour scheme.
b. cut a piece of each and put them against
the edge of a surface so you can cut them.
c. cut a triangle off your first strip

d. put that first triangle onto the jar
e. cut another triangle, then place it on
f. repeat until you have enough bunting!

And that’s it.

Can’t believe how simple it looks
once put down into a blog post!

{Next I Do DIY… cake bunting and actual bunting}


P.S. The I Do DIY posts will run alongside
the Weddingnesday posts… just in case
you’re all wondering.

Weddingnesday… a year and a half in the making (sort of)

5 Oct

Before the wedding, the idea of blogging
about it seemed very simple.

After the wedding, our wedding,
well it feels quite different.

Where to start? How to start?
Should I even do it?

I know some of our pictures are already ‘out there’
but I guess what’s missing is our take on it.
The things we loved. The things we learned.
The people we’re proud of.

When I was engaged, I loved other people’s wedding
stories… loved reading their how-tos, their recaps
and their insights. So it only seems right
to return the favour.

So how to start…
well, how about at the beginning?
(It’s a very good place to start after all.)


We were engaged for over a year and a half.
(Ah the fresh-facedness of people yet
to experience wedding stress!)

For almost a year, we didn’t really plan a wedding
so much as ponder a wedding.

We knew what we didn’t want
and that we wanted to make a lot
of it ourselves but that was it.

Then in November last year,
we started to get organised,
slowly but surely (but stressfully).

And before we really knew it,
it was the week of the wedding.


Monday and Tuesday were a blur
of last days at work and people
asking how nervous we were.


Wednesday we very unfortunately
had a family funeral. Sitting in
that church so much of the wedding
stress seemed a world away.
We still had so much to do but
that day put a lot of it into perspective.

We returned to Edinburgh that night
and found my sister, friend and Dad’s girlfriend
all sitting in our living room
diligently cutting out and crafting.
It was a little overwhelming.


Thursday the flowers arrived.
To make sure they didn’t
die before Saturday, I filled the bath
with them. And any spare vases.
Buckets. Plastic boxes. And even
my vintage water jug.

Then last minute planning.
Last minute shopping.
Last minute baking.

Last minute cake bunting making.
Last minute panicking.
And dress stress.


Friday and 7am the phone calls
from suppliers start.

We start packing up everything
for the wedding. All the china.
The bunting. The bits and bobs.
Oh yes and the flowers.

My not yet husband takes one car load
along the windy roads to the venue.
Me and my sister take the other car.

My Dad and his girlfriend have hung
a little ‘Mr & Mrs’ from my windscreen mirror.

I feel like I’m moving house,
going on holiday and doing
an exam at the same time.

Which might explain why I’m
giggling and scowling
all at once.


{Next Weddingnesday post… the set-up.}

I Do DIY… finding a home in our home for wedding stuff

5 Sep

“What do you do with wedding stuff after the wedding?”

Of all the wedding related questions I’ve received
recently this (from Lorri) struck me as a striking one…

You spend so much time making things and then what?

For us, there’s a simple answer.

We had a wedding sign – a gorgeous, gorgeous thing
made by my super talented uncle – and there was no way
it wasn’t going to become a feature of our home.

So at the weekend, we hung up our sign in our kitchen.
The space totally seems like it was made for the sign.

It made me so happy to see while
eating my cereal this morning!

As for our other bits and bobs…

We also put back up our gin print.
(It was our ‘bar sign’ at our wedding.)

And hung up our new ‘bike’ print… a wedding
present from our best man and best lady.

Happily the two co-ordinate very well!

This is where our chalkboard sign currently resides…
I may have to think of a better place for it eventually
but I kind of like it here at the moment.

We also finally found a spot for our Hang It All
(a wedding present from very generous friends).
And somehow one of our stags seems to suit being here…
so he’s found a home too.

Elsewhere in the flat, we have jam jars with candles
and jam jars with leftover pinwheels. It makes
me smile to see them every day and glad
that we don’t have to put them ‘away’ just yet.

Happy Monday everyone xx

P.S. What’s your advice? What did you do
or are planning to do with your wedding diy?

P.P.S. I have no idea quite where to begin with
blogging about our wedding. I have a few DIYs
to share but if there’s anything you want to
know or ask, do let me know!

Weddingnesday… our woodland wedding

25 Aug

Some of you may have spotted this…
but pictures of our day are now up
on our lovely photographers’ blog.

Which means I can start talking
about our woodland wedding
in our wonderful tipis.

It’s still a little scary it all being ‘out there’.

But at the same time, I’m stupendously proud
of all the people who helped our day happen.
Ours might have been a DIY wedding
but I certainly didn’t do it all myself…

I had the help of our amazing families,
wonderful friends, brilliant suppliers…
and of course my supremely awesome husband.

That sign?
It says ‘Do I love you? Indeed I do’.
(It was my ‘walk-in’ song.)

That slightly serious looking man?
That’s my now husband.
Yes, I love him. Indeed I do.


P.S. Apologies for all the weddingy posts
of late… there are probably a lot more
to come. But I will be blogging interiors
and thrifty finds as well soon. Promise.

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