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A bit of car boot loot…

25 Jul

A typical weekend conversation…

Me: How about we go car booting on Sunday morning?

Him: Ok. What time do you want to go?

Me: Super early… so we can get the best stuff.

Him (knowing my inability to get up in the mornings): Ok.


A typical Sunday morning conversation before 9am…

Him: It’s ten to nine. Do you want to get up?

Me: Zzzzzzzzz.

Him: Zoë? Hello?

Me: Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Him: Ok, I’ll give you another 30 mins.


A typical Sunday morning conversation around 10.30am…

Me: Why didn’t you wake me up?

Him: Um, I did try.


Some days however we manage to drag ourselves (ok, me)
out of bed and head to a car boot sale. And on these days
we very rarely come away empty-handed.

Here’s a few of my favourite recent finds…

 A bit of car boot loot...

A 60s ‘Topic’ teapot by J & G Meakin.

A bit of a departure this one for me…
usually all my china is gold-edged
delicate little vintage numbers but I just
love the colours and that pattern.

 A bit of car boot loot...

This set came with a bit of a car boot sale reminder though…
always check what you’re buying.

As well as the cups, saucers, sugar bowl and milk jug,
there were also some cute side plates. The lady that was selling them
was super nice so I didn’t bother to check them all…

And yup some of the side plates were broken.
Still a bargain but disappointing all the same.

 A bit of car boot loot...

Got ourselves some more glass jelly moulds…
one of these days we do need to try
out our posh jelly recipe book.

 A bit of car boot loot...

Some pretty measuring tape…

Though post-wedding I don’t give a flying fig
about my waist measurements etc.
(As a consequence I think I lost weight
just because that’s how my world works!)

picnik collage A bit of car boot loot...

A big cosy yellow blanket…

This one was a charity shop find rather than booting
and from the label it appears to be rather old… but in perfect nick.

It seemed rude not to buy it.

 A bit of car boot loot...

A polaroid camera for 20p.

I love this camera. I love the stripe.

I love the shape. I love that cheerful big red button.

It just makes me feel happy and that’s definitely worth 20p!

 A bit of car boot loot...

It also looks rather good on my little roll-top desk display.

(We think we hate our flip clock though. No-one warns you
that these make a god awful noise when they flip round.
Loudest, most heart-attack-inducing noise ever!)

 A bit of car boot loot...

And of course after a hard (ok not that hard) morning
car-booting, it is essential that you treat yourself to ice-cream.

Irn-bru and tablet ice-cream of course.

Well, you need a reward for getting up early on a Sunday.

(Look at the concentration!
That’s how good tablet ice-cream is!)


Anyone else found any lovely booting
or charity shop finds recently?


P.S. For all those asking, the ice-cream came from
the ice-cream van opposite the John Hope Gateway
at Edinburgh’s Botanic Gardens. Thoroughly recommend!

Friday I'm in love… with prints (and peeved pets)

8 Apr

Remember my plan to try and create a display wall?

Well, one (almost) sunny Sunday in March, I started one…

A work in progress sure but it gives us something
nice to see when we open the front door.

display 2 cp Friday I'm in love... with prints (and peeved pets)

It got this reaction from the fox-owl-cat…

owlcat cp Friday I'm in love... with prints (and peeved pets)

To be fair, this look probably translates as ‘stop hammering, damn you’.

On a little roll, I then put up the other half’s favourite Mr Cheapskate print.

cheapskate poster cp Friday I'm in love... with prints (and peeved pets)

Yup, I’m attempting the bulldog clip thing again!

Remember how the fox-owl-cat used to like
to hide under the bed when we were doing diy?

grey ninja hiding Friday I'm in love... with prints (and peeved pets)

Well, grey-ninja-cat seems to adopted the practice too.

grey ninja cp Friday I'm in love... with prints (and peeved pets)

It’s a hard life being a cat right?

I also finally framed my gorgeous birthday screenprint from my friend Jill.

(She based it on a phrase I once said to her… it almost like I’m famous!)

jill print cp Friday I'm in love... with prints (and peeved pets)

I thought it worked pretty well with our Japan print…
(which unfortunately became pretty relevant later on in March).

dscf8179 Friday I'm in love... with prints (and peeved pets)

I absolutely adore the record detail… she has
superior screenprinting skills to me!

chair cp Friday I'm in love... with prints (and peeved pets)

I also reintroduced our ‘rules are for fools’ print back into the flat.
(It had been ‘dressing’ our old flat while it was on the market.)

The chair in the shot is our future mustard velvet chair.
Can’t wait for us to finish it… when we have the time!

bear cp Friday I'm in love... with prints (and peeved pets)

I also pondered where to put my lovely bear print from The Seventy Tree

map honeymoon cp Friday I'm in love... with prints (and peeved pets)

And did a bit of honeymoon planning on our future map.

owlfoxcat pirate cp Friday I'm in love... with prints (and peeved pets)

Apparently these quieter activities were much more satisfactory…

Maybe I’ll get round to finishing the wall display one day!


Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

We’re having a bit of a wedding weekend, making our invites,
testing our wines, and writing our vows. Oh yes and a bit snoozing,
chilling, relaxing and watching 30 Rock. Bring it on!


Tea cosy (and cupcake) love

21 Mar

owl cp Tea cosy (and cupcake) love

Recipe for a relaxed Sunday morning breakfast…

1. My new Robin and Mould tea cosy. Isn’t he pretty?

daffies cp Tea cosy (and cupcake) love

2. Daffodils (my favourites) bought for me by the other half.

prettyplate cp Tea cosy (and cupcake) love 3. The pretty plate I found at Saturday’s flea market.
How cute is the cross-stitch detail?

cupcake cp Tea cosy (and cupcake) love

4. A rather delectable lemon meringue cupcake.

cupcake2cp Tea cosy (and cupcake) love

5. A too good to share (but I did because I’m nice) chocolate orange cupcake.

tea cp Tea cosy (and cupcake) love

6. Some green tea. (Even if I do love Kusmi’s packaging more than the tea.)

teapot cp Tea cosy (and cupcake) love 7. My favourite teapot… and it holds a proper amount of tea.
(I always feel cheated if a pot holds less than three cups.)

cups cp Tea cosy (and cupcake) love

8a. A nice teacup or two.

us cups cp Tea cosy (and cupcake) love

8b. Well, a nice cup for me and a more
macho coffee cup for the other half.

breakfast sunday cp Tea cosy (and cupcake) love

Put it all together and you have a very happy Sunday morning indeed…

owl pot cp Tea cosy (and cupcake) love

… especially when I discovered just how warm my new cosy keeps my tea.

I am truly a tea cosy convert!


Have a lovely Monday everyone xx

You've been framed…

4 Mar

First, some good news: we sold our old flat.
Which is such a relief I can’t tell you.

But it has caused a slight problem* as…

I now have all my prints and art from both flats.

So this weekend, inspired by the following gorgeous displays,
I’m going to have a go at grouping some of our pictures.

(If you hear a loud yelp in Edinburgh,
it’ll be me hitting my thumb with the hammer.)

5151169640 abfac33fd0 b You've been framed... How gorgeous is this display? I love that isak print!

dsc 73531 You've been framed... Amazing colours… in this pop-up shop.

6293815 crendsr4 c You've been framed... Love the idea of using trouser hangers.

I’ve tried this with bulldog clips in the past but we obviously
have the heating on too much… as the prints started to curl up!

img 1058 You've been framed... I also adore this clipboard idea

halligan9 You've been framed... Love this staircase display

Yes, I have spotted it has maps and globes in it!

stairs You've been framed... And a super cute staircase wall display by the seventy tree.

I love the blackboard speech bubble. So clever.

greybear You've been framed... I was extremely lucky to recently win one of her
gorgeous bear prints – another one for the display!

Ok, now where did I put that hammer…


1. nicoletter via pinterest 2. Kate Spade via life style etc
3. apartment therapy via pinterest 4. smile and wave
5. design sponge 6. seventy tree 7. seventy tree shop


*when I said ‘slight problem’
I may have been exaggerating!

Friday I'm in love… with pretty stairs

21 Jan

3543945 7un1dltm c Friday I'm in love... with pretty stairs I have never wanted to live in a house. I like flats.
I like being up high (I think that’s my inner cat.)

But every time I see a set of beautifully painted stairs,
it really makes me wish we had some. (Yes I am strange!)

stairs500 Friday I'm in love... with pretty stairs Always loved these stairs decorated by Helen from the Living Etc forum.
(I actually bought a version of this Orla Kiely wallpaper for our bedroom.)

3014915 yhk1blck c Friday I'm in love... with pretty stairs Love the different patterns… oh yes, and they’re yellow!

6a01053610d3e6970b01156f50f43f970b pi Friday I'm in love... with pretty stairs Simpler than the first ‘wordy’ one… I think the steps
should also say ‘come on down’ for the way back down.

3475357 x9vv7vqv c Friday I'm in love... with pretty stairs Love this… I can’t imagine how long it would take to paint!

rainbowstairs2 Friday I'm in love... with pretty stairs Perhaps I should paint my building’s communal stairs instead?
Just start graduating the colour from my yellow door down!

Happy Friday everyone! xx


1. the cherry blossom girl 2. design sponge 3. painter girl
4. say yes to hoboken 5. the haystack needle 6. the townhouse

For a sleepy Sunday…

21 Nov

It’s Sunday. The alleged day of rest… and I’m blinking tired.

Right now I’m blaming the workmen who have been hammering, drilling and sawing since 9am this morning. They’re renovating a flat two below mine and the noise is unreal.

They’ve been at for 3 weeks solid. Every day. Monday to Sunday.

Some days they like to start at 8am just for kicks.

So inspired by those ‘lovely’ dusty fellows below,
here’s some things for a sleepy Sunday:

il fullxfull 145809956 For a sleepy Sunday...

Actually a subliminal print for babies… but it’s working on me too!

il 570xn 170650120 For a sleepy Sunday...

I would love this cute tache jumper to snooze in…

il fullxfull 119673818 For a sleepy Sunday...

I probably don’t need to explain this photo do I?

tennerhw large For a sleepy Sunday...

This embroidered money pillow would be good to snuggle into.

il fullxfull 92628816 For a sleepy Sunday...

Isn’t this bunting perfect for a sleepy day?

tumblr lbo5p69qbn1qd9lrdo1 500 large For a sleepy Sunday...

Maybe it’s time for a cat nap… if I can find some ear plugs!

Our magazine interiors shoot…

8 Oct

us Our magazine interiors shoot...

A few weeks ago myself, the OH and our grey ninja cat had a rather odd morning. A lovely reporter and a very nice photographer came round to our old flat and asked us lots of questions and took lots of pictures.

(The fox-owl-cat stayed at home as she gets scared of strangers and would have just hid under the duvet the whole time!)

I’d been a bit nervous about it but the reporter Fiona was so amiable that chatting away to her about our renovations was great fun… the OH even compared it to free therapy!

Then last weekend the OH got up early to go and get the Scotland on Sunday… while I, still in my pjs, did some pacing in the flat.

madst2 Our magazine interiors shoot...

But I needn’t have worried, the feature is lovely, the pictures are great (even if I am smirking in them!) and as the OH pointed out it will be a very nice thing to keep for when we’re older. He’s imagining us both in our Parker Knolls with our big adventure book I think (the film ‘UP’ might have had a lasting effect on him!).

awesome Our magazine interiors shoot...

So if you fancy reading the interview, just click here to download the pdf.

Hope you all like it x

Day 32 of kitchen building…

17 Aug

On the 17th of July, two bright-eyed , bushy-tailed shiny little souls started building a kitchen.

Like all adventurers setting off on a voyage of discovery, they were nervous but hopeful.

Little did they realise that a month from that fateful date they still wouldn’t be finished. This is their story…

Ok, so that’s a tad dramatic… but a month! It’s been a month already? Oh bugger!

I guess we’ve made lots of progress for people who’ve been fitting this in around work, a holiday, more work, getting another flat ready for selling and whatever else we’e been up.

First of all, we’ve made and put up all the cabinets. We’ve installed (with a bit of help from an electrician friend) the oven and induction hob. We have lights were there were none before. There’s new plugs, a new extractor fan, a new fridge and a new freezer. And a heck of a lot of dust!

dsc 0949 Day 32 of kitchen building...

(This is our new oven… I like how he looks like he’s smiling. But I like that he cooks our food even more!)

BUT… the worktop isn’t arriving until the middle of September so we can’t put the flooring down until after then. Bummer.

And we’ve had to enlist help building our kitchen island. We were pretty confident we could build this ourselves… until we realised that as a kitchen island is a non-standard thing, you don’t get any instructions for it. At all. Ikea just give you some huge lengths of end panels and that’s it. Try as we might we’ve not been able to make sense of how those end panels are meant to translate into an island. So we’ve got a joiner round to quote for it but he can’t do the work until 2 weeks from now. Drat.

There’s also a 30cm wide space on one side that we can’t decide what to do with. Ikea don’t have a wall cabinet in that size with our door. We had thought of getting a corner type shelf thing but went off the idea.

dsc 0976 Day 32 of kitchen building...

So any suggestions for what to do with the space would be gratefully received. I’ve been thinking of using it for something statementy but I’ve no idea what yet.

Other things we haven’t decided what to do with yet include our Superman splashback that we had for the sink… He’s about 120cm wide but the wall space on the sink side is now 210cm so he doesn’t quite work anymore – but we’ve got used to him moodily staring at our dirty dishes so if we can figure out a way to keep him, we will.

dsc 0738 Day 32 of kitchen building...

However there have been some rather joyful discoveries of having a proper kitchen (or at least proper kitchen cabinets) for the first time in nearly 2 years… I now have a little drawer just for my tea!

tea Day 32 of kitchen building...

Yes, it’s a bit indulgent but by god I do love my tea! It’s also been great to put all our things on shelves again. Strange how something so simple can feel like such a huge step! The heart mugs are ones the OH made me as a present back in 2004, while the happy rainbow cup was one I found for him in a charity shop. (Yes, his real name isn’t actually OH!)

mugs Day 32 of kitchen building...

It’s also been so nice to rediscover some things that have been packed away for aaaaaaaaages… like my babycham glasses. (Can you tell I have a habit of collecting things?)

babychams Day 32 of kitchen building...

Of course our diy hasn’t been limited to just the kitchen (because we’re crazy like that)… we also put up our Mini Moderns wallpaper in the hall.

dsc 0708 Day 32 of kitchen building...

It’s now one of the first things you see when you come into our flat… and it just makes me feel ridiculously happy. (Badgers to do that to me for some reason!)

dsc 0729 Day 32 of kitchen building...

However two members of our household have not been such fans of the month-long diy-athon…

dsc 0945 Day 32 of kitchen building...

Grey ninja suit cat has been giving us this look a lot… we translate this as I command you to stop drilling, hammering, painting etc and pay attention to me!

While our owl-fox cat – who has a more nervous disposition (she freaks out and hides when anyone rings the doorbell) – has taken to her bed.

dsc 0934 Day 32 of kitchen building...

Wait, did I say her bed? I meant, our bed. (Why do cats act like they own everything and somehow convince you that they do too?)

We expect a full recovery from her sometime mid-September… around the same time we think we’ll have a finished kitchen.

If it’s not finished by then, I may take to my bed too!

pixel Day 32 of kitchen building...
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