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A flat and feline tour… or how to be upstaged by your own cat

28 Aug

Velvet Ninja Cat at home

Now if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know that I take a lot of pictures of my two cats – the Velvet Ninja Cat and the Fox Owl Cat. I’ve written here about these two wonderful wee weirdos – both shelter cats with their very own distinct personalities – and how much having some fluffy overlords living with you can really brighten your day. So, yes, I’m definitely a cat fan shall we say…

So I only have myself to blame for how much the Velvet Ninja Cat (above) likes getting her picture taken. Bring a photographer into the flat and she clearly thinks they’re there to take her picture. (The Fox Owl Cat, however, thinks they’re there to steal her away so hides under a duvet, in a cupboard or once behind the washing machine. Let’s just say, she’s more camera shy.)

Recently the lovely team at Urban Outfitters popped over to take some photos for a home tour. Now, I’ve said before that I’m not the most relaxed photography subject, all full of nervous chatter and energy, so I clearly need to take tips from the resident feline… who would just strut into the shoot and give her best ‘blue steel’.

Pop on over to the Urban Outfitters blog to see some more snaps of the Velvet Ninja Cat, our London home and to read me babbling about my love of thrifting, blankets, and how my Positive Pigeon project came about.

And just because… here’s more proof of just how much the Velvet Ninja Cat knows how to work a camera (and steal my heart every time). And a few of the Fox Owl Cat too so she doesn’t feel left out!*

Happy cat on couch at Conversation Pieces' home

Actual cat and cat pillow at Conversation Pieces' home

Cat in a box at Conversation Pieces' home

Draw me like one of your French kitties – Conversation Pieces

Cat team at Conversation Pieces's home

Velvet Ninja Cat and the Fox Owl Cat – Conversation Pieces' cats

Fox Owl Cat and scarf – Conversation Piecesb

Fluffy paws – Conversation Pieces' cat


*And because her little mismatched paws kill me every time. They’re soooo fluffy!

What it’s really like to have a photo shoot at your home

17 May

What's it really like to have a photo shoot at your flat

Ever looked at the pages of an interior design magazine or a home tour on a blog… and wondered what the home looked like before the shoot? Or if they really keep that plant pot there? Or do they honestly have fresh flowers or just baked bread sitting out all the time?

And where – oh so importantly – is their mess? Everyone has mess right? Where did they hide it??

Well, if you’ve ever pondered these pressing issues, then this blog post is for you. It’s all about what it’s really like to have a photo shoot done in your home.

What it's really like to have an interiors shoot done at your flat

Now, I’ve always loved interiors – that’s actually why I started this blog way back when* – so I’m very grateful and happy that people have liked my style enough to actually do photo shoots in my home.

I’ve also been very lucky to have had wonderful writers and fantastic photographers (such as Hannah from Seeds and Stitches and Kristy Noble) turn up at my door and make my home (and me!) look better than I’d even hoped for. And put up with my incessant chatting, photo ruining (usually because I’m chatting) and occasional fits of giggles.

Behind the scenes of an interiors photo shoot

So, based on all the photo shoots I’ve done so far, here’s the process I go through EVERY time. Yes, you think I’d learn but no, it’s pretty much the same. Except I don’t always take scissors to my hair the night before.

Stage 1. Elation. Someone wants to do a shoot at my flat. All the happy. This is exciting.

Stage 2. Regret. Oh shit. What did I say yes to? Why?

Stage 3. Denial. Maybe they’ll cancel. They meant someone else’s flat right? They’ll come to their senses soon enough.

Stage 4a. Panic. But the bedroom curtains are horrible. And the bathroom needs painted. Everything I own is terrible.

Stage 4b. Panic again. But I need to lose weight. My hair is terrible. What on earth am I going to wear??

Stage 5a. Manic tidying. Oh god, why is my home so untidy? Where did this dust come from? Why do the cats leave fluff on EVERYTHING?!

Stage 5b. Mad makeover. I could cut my hair. Or just get a fringe. I could cut my own fringe. Now where did I tidy the scissors away…

Stage 6. Fear. Urrrrrgh. Burb. *whimpers*

Stage 7. Acceptance. It’s today, it’s happening. This is as tidy and as neat as the flat will EVER look. Just so long as no-one touches anything. Or a cat doesn’t decide to puke on something.

Stage 8. Act normal. Pretend that none of the above has happened and that you’re totally at ease having people come to your home, take photos and ask you questions about it. Totally normal. NOR MAL. (Man, even the word sounds weird now that you’ve thought about it too much.)

Stage 9. Make tea or coffee. It will give you something to do while you act N O R M A L.

Stage 10. Don’t worry. It’s going to be fun. Lovely, professional people are here and they’re going to make it look like stage 2 to stage 7 never happened.

What it's really like to do a photo shoot at your flat

And to prove it… here’s the oh so lovely Hannah from Seeds and Stitches and brilliant Kristy Noble shooting my flat last summer for Mollie Makes. These two are not only a pleasure to have round, but definitely make it a fun experience. It is strange seeing people move your stuff, but good strange. Like lots of ‘oh, why did I never think of putting that there’ moments. For instance, Hannah moved our sprayed pink vintage Anglepoise onto the mantlepiece… and it looked so good there that it stayed exactly where it was for ages after the shoot.

What's it really like to have a photo shoot at your flat

What it's really like to have a photo shoot at your home

What it's really like to have a photo shoot at your flat

And the bathroom… it’s one of those rarely seen places in interior shoots unless you have an epic fantasy bathroom. I’d always seen our bathroom as pretty functional in our rented place but Hannah and Kristy made it look a wee bit epic after all.

What's it like to do a photo shoot at your apartment

Behind the scenes of an interiors shoot

So back to the important pressing questions, like did you really bake bread this morning, do you always have fresh flowers, and where on earth is your mess?

1. So that artfully placed plant pot or the freshly baked bread just sitting out… yes, all your suspicions are correct, they’re not normally there. It just looks good in the pictures. Homely even. And the bread makes it seem more N O R M A L. Like you’re really baking rather than having people with cameras and camera equipment in your home.

2. Flowers… for me, well, yes and no. I almost always have flowers in the flat. It’s just around 50% of the time they’re actually wilted, half-dead or so dead that they actually look kind of dried-out cool. (Erm, maybe.) On the morning of the shoot with Hannah and Kristy, these flowers were definitely on their way out! Eeek. Emergency flowers were bought… and luckily the ever prepared Hannah happened to have brought some lovely blooms too. Phew.

Going behind the scenes of a photo shoot


Behind the scenes of an interiors photo shoot

3. Mess. Yes, mess! There’s still mess, just ‘artfully’ hidden. And by artful, I mean shoved into bags, cupboards, drawers… basically anywhere you can hide the mess. That said, I recently read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying and now I have sooooooooo much less mess than before. And there’s still mess.

What it's really like to have a photo shoot at your home

4. Pets… I learned from Living Etc and Elle Decoration that a well-placed pet can really bring the room together. But it does help if your pet likes having its picture taken. Luckily, the Velvet Ninja Cat loves having her picture taken. She hates strangers though so I think every photographer has a picture of her hissing at them! (SORRY.)

What's it really like to do a photo shoot at your flat

And there’s one more thing about photo shoots… it may seem obvious but it always surprises me (and perhaps explains my stressing)… they’re always different. From my very first photo shoot that I did with Scotland on Sunday‘s magazine and journalist Fiona (who now has a gorgeous blog Copperline) to the one I’ve just agreed to (and am still eeeking about now), they’re all nerve-racking and crazy but brilliant and fun.

Here’s a selection of my favourite photos, outtakes and moments from shoots I’ve done… (All other photos above are Kristy‘s fantastic work, apart from the cheeky one I snapped of Hannah and her of course.)

The reality behind the pictures of a home tour

From the photo shoot with Fiona where I said ALL the words and then went extremely pale when I realised it was time to get MY photo taken. While the photographer did his thing, I’d just been playing Scrabble (as you do) while chatting so had completely forgotten that I had to be in the shoot too.

What it's really like to have a photo shoot at your flat

From the shoot for Company Magazine… what was surprising to me at the time was how finished the flat looked in the pictures. In reality, we were still painting and fixing (you’ll see that the fireplace has a picture over it which is to hide the big hole behind it!). But I think looking at the pictures now, just how lovely the Edinburgh flat looked and how much I miss it still.

What it's really like to do a photo shoot at your apartment

From a shoot with Jo for her The Only Place’s Bloggers at their Desk series. Again Jo got all the babble from me, and I’d recently had a bad fringe cut (I really, really don’t suit fringes), but in amongst that, she took some really beautiful pictures that made my mess look arty.

What it's really like to have a photo shoot at your home

From the shoot I did with the ace Lauren McGlynn for Hannah Zakari and 91 Magazine… where Lauren made me laugh so much (you can see my dimples in so many of her pictures!) and I honestly almost forgot that she was there to do a shoot and not just to have fun.

What it's really like to have a photo shoot at your apartment

Which explains why I’m juggling gold dinosaurs in some of her shots… just because.

So to all the photographers and writers… for all the times I babbled at you, looked awkward in photos and plain old got the giggles, thank you for putting up with me. And making me sound and look great, sane and normal. Well, as N O R M A L as I get.


*Feels like an absolute lifetime ago. I’ve now been blogging, mainly erratically, for years. Sometimes I think about stopping completely. Partly as I miss those heady days when blogging was just fun and I didn’t ever imagine that anyone was even looking at it. Partly because, well, writing a blog post is sooooo much more effort than posting a picture on Instagram. But then… well, then I think about the brilliant, amazing people I have met through writing a blog and how cool it is to look back on the blog and see moments in our life… and then I think oh go on then, maybe one more post or two.

A fruity bedroom makeover… with DIY watermelon bedding

11 Sep

DIY watermelon bedding

Back in April, I came across these watermelon sheets on Australia’s Vogue and became ‘slightly’ obsessed. But budget and distance was against me so I thought I would have a go at making my own watermelon bedding.

DIY watermelon bed sheets

So I did some searching on a certain platform (who I now work for!) and came across how to make watermelon wrapping paper… and thought with a tweak, sheets instead of paper and fabric paint instead of normal paint then it should be easy.

Potato stamped watermelon

3 small bottles of red fabric paint, 1 bottle of green and 1 bottle of black and 3 baking potatoes later – and voila, DIY watermelon bedding!

Well sort of, it also took at least 1 1/2 plays of the Lego Movie in the background (my new favourite film to craft to!) and 3 hours of potato stamping, painting the rinds and the pips (not including drying time). Each layer was best left to dry before adding the next bit too. Phew!

Cat paws on watermelon bedding DIY

Of course, the real challenge (in our place at least) is ensuring that a cat-astrophe doesn’t happen. That’s a cat standing on your craft project and ending up with paint everywhere… after a few near misses, luckily this creation got made without any painty paw mishaps.

Potato stamping kit

Though there were a few potato casualties (mainly in that we kept buying potatoes for the DIY and then by the time we we came to use them discovering they’d gone bad!). Who knew that potato stamping was so fraught with perils?

Cake fork for potato stamping

My best potato stamping tip is to use a fork so that your quartered potato doesn’t slip out of your hand or get difficult to lift off the sheets… and keeps your hands paint free too. (Unless you’re me and then you still get some on your hands regardless.)

Painting a rind on DIY watermelons

Painting pips on DIY watermelons

How to make DIY watermelon bedding

Of course, having been not allowed to stand on the sheets will they were being painted the velveteen cat and the fox owl cat were extremely enthused about getting onto them once they were done.

How to DIY watermelon bed sheets

But heck… what’s an interiors shoot without an animal posing in the pictures right? So Elle Decoration!

Fox owl cat on DIY watermelon bedding

Conversation Pieces diy watermelon bedding

And while we were adding the fruity bedsheets, we also did another quick DIY with my Blossom and Bill tea towel. (Which I’d never been able to bring myself to use as an actual tea towel!) With some neon ribbon, staples, some dowelling wood and a hacksaw, we now have a roll-down piece of art.

Tea towel into roll down art DIY

Tea towel frame DIY

But back to the cats… and one more DIY. This is the fox owl cat looking beyond displeased at my attempts to shoo her off the bed, which meant there was only one thing for it…

Fox owl cat on watermelon bedding

…to make them their own potato stamped bedding. (Well, their own potato stamped Ikea fleece but it’s pretty much the same thing.)

Cat shaped potato stamp

But with cats rather than watermelon of course. And turns out one fleece (and one colour) is definitely way easier… until I decide we need cat print bedding!

How to make a potato stamped cat fleece

Which they seem to like… but not nearly as much as the watermelon bedsheets. Of course.

Everything’s going to be all bright… a mini new home tour… + tales from the old flat

24 May

Pink London brick – Conversation Pieces blog

So in April we said goodbye to our first London flat (and goodbye to having wifi at home until mid May!).

I was blasé about this move. After all, last time we’d moved home, we’d packed up our entire lives, driven 10 hours, and moved country. This time, we weren’t even leaving South East London.

And unlike last time, we were so ready to move. Our petite place had become to feel even more so, like it had shrunk in the wash somehow over the last year. Perhaps it was the kitchen sink that was always blocked, the mould that refused to die in the bathroom (and then destroyed my Scandi shower curtain in revenge) or ‘the day ALL the blue bottles came’™.*

Which is not to say that the flat was all bad, not at all. Just as time went on, the things that were funny at first – like the step that always caught your sock and put a hole in it – became less so. But we did get much better at darning socks. And darn it – socks, blockages, mould and yucky flies aside – we had fun this last year. 2013 will always be the year we moved to London and that flat will always be part of that.

So we approached moving with the excitement of two kids waiting for Christmas. Impatient, a little grouchy, a little too over excited. We packed in a hurry as if that could make the move happen faster. And then all of a sudden, as with all things you wait for, it had happened.

We moved.

Living room 2 – Conversation Pieces blog

Which, of course, is an understatement. There was lugging, there was lifting and shifting, and cursing ourselves for having so many books (a hallmark of any move we have ever done).

Not surprisingly, packing up all your belongings into boxes (and a multitude of tote bags when you run out of boxes) was more tiring than I’d have liked to admit. And oh being without internet for such a long time, well, oft.

But it was totally worth it.

Living room 4 – Conversation Pieces blog

Records – Conversation Pieces blog

I think we’re in the loved up phase with this flat… where every eccentric angle, every ray of dappled sunlight spilling through the windows, every drop of rain tapping at the skylight (possibly my favourite thing ever).

Kitchen window 2 – Conversation Pieces blog

And ok, so it’s a rented flat, but it feels like it’s somehow very much ours and just to have somewhere to call home again is really rather wonderful.

Japanese sponges – Conversation Pieces blog

Of course, we’re still sorting things, working out what fits where, discovering a need for furniture we don’t have yet… and even with more kitchen cupboard space we still don’t have room for all the vintage china I’ve collected over the years. But that’s the fun of moving right?

Velveteencat + kitchen - Conversation Pieces blog

And the furry felines we live with… well, they seem to have settled in just fine. There’s carpet to roll about on, stairs to scamper up and perhaps most importantly a bit more space from each other. (Theirs is a relationship built on being always at least a couple feet apart, unless there’s a spider in the room.)

Tiger fireplace 3 – Conversation Pieces blog

60s Daybed – Conversation Pieces blog

Maybe it's you 2 – Conversation Pieces blog

Foxowlcat on bed – Conversation Pieces blog

Veleveteencat – Conversation Pieces blog

Fucking fantastic print – Conversation Pieces blog

And the humans… we’ve settled in not too badly too. With more kitchen space, we’ve started cooking properly again (now we have an oven that doesn’t take 90 mins just to cook a veggie burger), I’ve started doing more crafty stuff (see the bright neon chairs in the second picture!), and generally just doing more happy chilling out when we’re at home (instead of frustratedly trying to tidy a flat that was impossibly impossible to tidy).

Yes, everything is going to be all bright now… or at least, a little more neon than before!



*the day ALL the blue bottles came™…

A day that will live on in my memory forever.

If you’re eating, planning on eating, really dislike blue bottle flies, don’t read this bit!


Flat rules… a teeny tour of our tiny home and its mottos

27 Nov


Really we should have more practical rules for living in a small flat.

Like having less stuff, tidying more,
not leaving our shoes right at the door.

Food would be good, as opposed to empty
cupboards and only cheese in the fridge.

(Even if it is really good cheese.
Also: chocolate is not food.
The same goes for that jar of jalapenos.)

Oh we should.

But we don’t.

photo 4 (1)

Instead we have things like a Menu-festo.

Designed to remind us how we want to live ours lives… as opposed to how we should.

And to entirely justify spending whole days (and nights) out exploring London…

So, yeah, if you’re ‘daring to freestyle’ then the dishes can wait.

If you’re ‘dreaming bigger’ then socks can ball themselves.

Or that’s what I told myself when I was putting all the letters on the board!

photo 1 (1)

Other flat rules include…

No whining, no complaining, and no frowning
(if at least to avoid creating lots of forehead wrinkles).

Most of these rules apply at 6.30am/7am.
That’s my most likely time to whine, complain, frown
and be like a bear that’s just been woken up during hibernation.
(I do so love my sleep!)


Elsewhere in our little abode… we have Mr Tiger (and some polka dots too), this amazing I Pretend To Work print (not true but we love it anyway) and a framed tea towel from one of my best friends.

All three things sum up one rule completely: try not to take things too seriously.

(While the #velveteencat is demonstrating the rule that all interior shots should have a cat or dog in them. Fact. Really just look at a copy of Elle Decoration or Living Etc and you’ll see what I mean.)


This rule… taped to the inside of our front door.

Mainly because a certain not really a morning person needs to be reminded of such stuff.

Yes, life is good.

(Even if going back to bed seems like a better option.)

photo 3 (1)

Rule 6: No TV. Yes, really. We have no TV in London.

We left our old one in Edinburgh and then didn’t get another one.

But like all rules, this is made to be broken.

Instead we have a projector. So we can roll up this map,
and just project whatever we want to watch.

Which means the rule is really…

Rule 6: No bad TV. Only good TV and movies worth the effort of projecting!


Coloured chalk in our letterpress tray…
because sometimes you just need a bit of colour. Or a piece of chalk.

A definite rule that one.


Um, so this rule…

why be grey when you can be neon?



This. Always this. I don’t think I laugh nearly enough.

Children apparently laugh 300 times a day.

Adults laugh around 20.

I’m aiming for somewhere inbetween…
without being that crazy, laughing by themselves person
everyone moves away from on the Tube!

photo 2

Second demonstration of the cat rule…


Not a rule… but a reminder. Crafting is good for the soul. Even if most of it is too bad to share on here.

I recently started a daily sketchbook – like an illustrated diary – and it’s so nice to sit and scribble just for the fun of it. They don’t have to be good, they don’t have to be bad, they’re just for me to see which is pretty nice.

photo 3

And one last rule… ‘Home is wherever I’m with you’. (As blocked by the #foxowlcat!)

So many people ask us if we miss our old home.

And while I miss the floorboards, the sunsets, the fireplace…
where we are now feels like home because it is.

I’m here, he’s here and the two little furry fiends are here.
That’s everything we need. Everything that home is.
(Plus a few sideboards, prints and chairs of course!)

London is the place for us… the blog post with its own theme tune

3 Jun

photo 2

Last Sunday, we were listening to 6 Music and having a discussion about living in London…

Mainly we were talking about that only one of us was living here full-time (me) and one of us was having to spend half the week in Edinburgh still (him).

It’s not exactly been ideal but we knew it wouldn’t be forever. It’s one of those topics that swings from excited to stressy and back again.

Then this song came on the radio – London is the place for me.

photo 1 (2)

And we both agreed it should be our theme tune for the next while.

(Does anyone else ascribe themselves theme tunes?!)

It’s such a cheerful little ditty, that we’ve been playing it non-stop all week.

So here’s the lyrics plus some random snaps that almost, sort of fit with them in a not really kind of way!

photo 1 (1)

London Is The Place For Me

London this lovely city
You can go to France or America, India, Asia or Australia
But you must come back to London City

photo 2 (1)

Well, believe me, I am speaking broad-mindedly
I am glad to know my mother country
I’ve been to traveling to countries years ago
But this the place I wanted to know

photo 2 (4)

London That’s The Place For Me

To live in London you really comfortable
Because the English people are very much sociable
They take you here and they take you there
And they make you feel like a millionaire
So London that’s the place for me

photo 4

At night when you have nothing to do
You can take a walk down Chapri Avenue
There you will love and talk and enjoy the bridge
And admire the beautiful sceneries
Of London, that’s the place for me

photo 2 (2)

London That’s The Place For Me

Yes, I can not complain of the time I have spend
I mean, my life in London is really magnificent
I have every comfort and every sport
And my residence is that Hampton Court
So London, that’s the place for me

photo 2 (5)

And the happy ending to this post… yes, the other half got offered a new job (in London) so London really is the place for us!


1. Snapped in Drink, Shop & Do 2. Skyline from the National Theatre’s pop-up bar 3. Pocket Pops London guide and gold dinosaur 4. Foxes and cherries in Brixton 5. Tiny London skyline street art spotted in Shoreditch 6. Dapper gable end in Deptford 7. Pocket Pops London guide 8. Possibly my favourite street art ever, snapped in Shoreditch (but gone now!) 

Happy New Cheer… or how I’m almost sort of maybe possibly accepting it’s January

15 Jan


I am usually a chipper sort of soul. In fact, fellow blogger a safe mooring once described me as ‘sunshine on toast’… but oh January, well, let’s say it’s not my favourite month.

It’s just so January.

So at the start of this year, I was dreading taking down the Christmas tree, sparkly lights, huge paper snow globes and waited until the last day/hour/minute/second to do it.

But once the decorations were down, I decided it was time for a bit of Happy New Cheer.


Which meant hanging up my ‘new’ vintage map from the lovely Lauren McGlynn (she’s a peach that one!) next to my car boot sale version… and finally saying something with my ‘make your own’ banner kit…

(‘Home is wherever I’m with you‘ seemed map-appropriate and we signed our wedding register to that song too. I might have been singing this daily since I put the banner up!)


But being me, I just had to customise the banner kit a bit… with gold spray paint, natch.

Above is my ‘spray station’ – a large Zara box that stops me turning the floor gold!


My favourite craft thing in the world right now. Yes, it’s even better than washi tape!


Of course, when I said I’d taken down the Christmas decorations I may have somewhat slightly exaggerated…

I took some things down. The tree went, the snowflakes too, but the deer with fairy lights wrapped round his antlers? Yes, very much still here…


And the big paper honeycomb balls? Yup, still there. They’re winter themed rather Christmas themed right?


And eh… yes, I may have kept the teeny terrariums too. They may be staying until it’s Spring!


Which might be on the way pretty soon considering daffodils are back in season. Love daffies but does anyone else think it’s a bit early for them to be out? A bit like all the Creme Eggs!


So with Spring perhaps on its way, I did make some concessions to it being a new year… by breaking out my ’embossing label maker’ the other half got me as a random Tuesday present last year.

(I thought ‘Happy All Year’ was a better sentiment than ‘Happy New Year’).


This little baby is totally clicktastic… though, I’m not going to make a hand model any time soon. That pinky patch on my thumb? A hand meets curling tong incident.


And it comes in neon colours (the tape that is, not my burned thumb!). A total essential in gloomy January. It also came with black tape but, you know, trying to be cheery here.


So 2013… everything is going to be AWESOME. February to December, I’m looking at you here.

And by then I might have properly taken down my Christmas decorations. Maybe.

Happy All Year everyone. May all your months be more cheery than January! xxx

Dinosaurs, cameras and vintage… a look book & magazine photo shoot

20 Sep

Hannah Zakari shoot with Lauren McGlynn | Conversation Pieces

Some Sundays, you have pancakes for breakfast. Maybe go car booting. Maybe go on a day trip. You know the usual…

Then some Sundays, you find yourself being snapped by the lovely Lauren McGlynn for a lookbook and a magazine.

And what a wonderful Sunday it was too.

If you’ve not come across Lauren before, she’s an American wedding photographer in Scotland, soon to be based in Edinburgh. She’s also all kinds of wonderful. Super talented. And damn good fun to boot.

Typewriter going for a walk from a shoot with Lauren McGlynn | Conversation Pieces

Now, anyone who’s known me/this blog for a while will know that I’ve said I’m not a huge fan of getting my picture taken. Heck, I think I’d even told Lauren that on several occasions. (So I think she was somewhat surprised when I first mentioned the shoot!)

But I’ve learned to let go a bit lately. I just decided to stop being so hard on myself. It’s strange but that’s all it took. Who knew?!

Anyhoo… so Lauren came round to shoot a lookbook for Hannah Zakari. (Possibly one of the sweetest shops in the entire world). I had a stegosaurus print from Hannah Zakari – by the super Robbie Porter – so I’d spray-painted some toy dinosaurs gold to go with it…

Natural History Museum print and sprayed gold dinosaurs | Conversation Pieces

… and then Rachael from Hannah Zakari also gave me this ace brainbow camera necklace to model.

(You can actually look through it which is pretty cute!!)

Zoe and the camera necklace | Conversation Pieces

And at the same time, it so happened that I was writing an article about car boot sales for the ever so pretty 91 Magazine – so I needed a pic or two for that as well. You can read my car booting tales/tips in Issue 4, page 70 onwards – inbetween Anna Weinreich‘s beautiful home and The Seventy Tree‘s Kerry’s super illustrations.

Singer sewing machine in the spare room | Conversation Pieces

So Lauren took shots for both… including in my never seen before on the blog (I think?) spare room. Yes that room that you normally pile all your random stuff in and just close the door when guests come round… yip, that room. That’s my recovered 60s daybed I’m sitting on… one of my prized (furniture) possessions!

Vintage china and tin globes in the kitchen | Conversation Pieces

We even took off a cupboard door in the kitchen… just so you can see what’s inside my kitchen cupboards.

Surprise, surprise, it’s more vintage china!

Juggling gold dinosaurs | Conversation Pieces

And Lauren was polite enough to tolerate me doing lots of silly things like juggling the dinosaurs… and pretending to do the congo with them. (The things you do when you’re nervous!)

  Vintage sideboard and polka dot floor | Conversation Pieces
Oh yes and we took some shots of me with my cameras… It has to be said, I’m giggling in a lot of these. This was my only straight faced one. And why was I giggling so much? Well, because I was taking pictures of Lauren.

Photographer polaroids | Conversation Pieces

Um yeah… there’s a reason Lauren’s the photographer and not me!

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