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A tiger print + polka dots = happy hall

7 Jun

Conversation Pieces Tiger Print 491 A tiger print + polka dots = happy hall

My hall has always bothered me.

It’s long, doesn’t get a lot of light
and we tend to just dump stuff
there when we come in.

It’s also the first thing you see
when you come in the door.

Well, no more. Now what you see
is this fine fella… Mr Tiger.

I got this print specifically for the hall
but he felt like he needed some company…

Conversation Pieces Tiger Print 661 A tiger print + polka dots = happy hall
So I got some little shelves from Present & Correct,
and happily got sent some amazing PolkaLOVE!
from Denmark to brighten up the walls too…

Conversation Pieces Tiger Print 43 A tiger print + polka dots = happy hall

I originally bought Kerry‘s Good Times print
for a friend… but then forgot to give it to them!
Whoops! So I decided to keep it…
(It wasn’t the plan all along. Honest!)

Conversation Pieces Tiger Print 57 A tiger print + polka dots = happy hall

The other shelf is currently ‘exhibiting’
a few cards I picked up in Japan
and my cross-stitched charity find.

Conversation Pieces Tiger Print 52 A tiger print + polka dots = happy hall
Not sure if I’ve finished putting up the PolkaLOVE! yet,
still have loads more… but I’m also loving how well it sits
with our Hang It All (generous wedding present!).

All in all, a much happier hall than before.
And hopefully all the colour/tiger-ness
will distract from the mess of discarded
shoes, bags, bike helmets etc etc!


P.S. Has anyone ever successfully kept their hall tidy?
If so, do tell! Shoes in a suitcase is how I’m rolling right now!

P.P.S. Regulars here might notice I’m blogging less nowadays.
I’m over on Instagram pretty much every day though.
Anyone else feel that it’s just easier than blogging?

What’s the motto with you?

30 Jan

CantDoThis450 Whats the motto with you?

This… yes, this is pretty much my motto right now.
(Except I actually say ‘I don’t know what
I’m doing but I’m doing it anyway’.)

I do like a good motto.
So much so that my friend once made
me a print of a saying I said a lot.

I think it’s my way of explaining why I do things.
Or me trying to talk myself into doing things!

Anyway, I thought it was time I had some new ones.
Some ‘let’s do this thing’ 2012 sayings…

Here’s my new favourites:

DoneBetterPerfect print Whats the motto with you?

This is… well, I want to say perfect…

But, yes times a million.

il fullxfull.304093279 Whats the motto with you?

Done… and beautifully imperfect, this sounds good to me!

Ralston2 a 700x631 Whats the motto with you?

You can’t really argue with this can you?!

DFH Board neu Whats the motto with you?

If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know!

93097917266590897 hh2jgltU c Whats the motto with you?


title 6717593 grande Whats the motto with you?
And this

4876380604 4c9a0bb6dd z Whats the motto with you?

And this… just because I love it.

il 570xN.217566648 Whats the motto with you?

And if none of that works, what you really
need is this – a fox riding a rocket!


So what’s your motto?
(If it’s good, can I steal it for me too?)


P.S. Yup, I had a little blog redesign.
Hope you like it? It’s a bit of a work in progress.
(Yes, I don’t know what I’m doing
but I’m doing it anyway!)

1. making stuff and doing things 2.dorothyjeannegoods
3.LisaBarbero 4.kickcanandconkers 5.  designfuersheim
5. imeus design 6. hammer press (via littlegreenshed)
7.hellojenuine 8. corduroy

Because it's January… or Jaguars Need You, Larry

9 Jan

calendar 2012 Because it's January... or Jaguars Need You, Larry So it’s January 2012.

Or it’s Jaguars Need You, Larry
according to my Cats Let Nothing
Darken Their Roar

(I missed out on getting one last year
so I was determined to have the 2012 one.
I’m trying to be good and not peek
at what the following months are…
we’ll see how long that lasts!)

catslet convopieces Because it's January... or Jaguars Need You, Larry Yup… I even put the cover in a frame.
It’s ridiculous just how much I love it.

So how’s everyone else coping with January?
I’m refusing to take down all the extra
fairy lights from around the flat…
and I’m still happily eating Xmas chocolate
which I need to stop doing soon!

Apart from that, I’m back to work,
back to yoga, back to reality…
and planning (hopefully) some rather
exciting stuff for 2012.

Yes, this cat is going to let
nothing darken her roar…
whatever that means!

Happy 2012 so far everyone xx

P.S. Thanks for all your lovely comments
and interest on the book project I was
working on (still doing a bit now actually).
I’m only part of the book, no solo project yet…
but I’ll tell you all about it as soon
as I allowed to. Promise!

Because it's Monday… halfway to a hipster

21 Nov

When we were in Brooklyn, we played Spot the Hipster.

From this, we learned that to pass as hipsters
the other half would need to grow a beard,
and I would need to get a fringe.

There seemed to be other attributes
but these are the ones that stuck out.
Mainly as he’s never going to grow a beard
and I don’t suit fringes.

Once home, I happened upon this print
by Brit illustrator Jenni Sparks
“Things Hipsters Like”.

il fullxfull 276479809 Because it's Monday... halfway to a hipster Turns out I’m halfway to being a hipster.
I love my Diana, my old gameboy, coloured bikes,
tea in china cups, brogues (but on the other half, not me)
typewriters, old record players (and music) and kitsch tees.

Oh yes, and I drink soya milk.
(Normal milk and I are not friends.)

The rest isn’t me. So I’m about 50% hipster.
50% unhipster. (Or whatever a non hipster is!)

How about you?
What percentage do you work out to be?


P.S. I just did the maths.
I’m actually about 64.28% hipster.
Not sure if that’s better or worse!

Friday I'm in love… with prints (and peeved pets)

8 Apr

Remember my plan to try and create a display wall?

Well, one (almost) sunny Sunday in March, I started one…

A work in progress sure but it gives us something
nice to see when we open the front door.

display 2 cp Friday I'm in love... with prints (and peeved pets)

It got this reaction from the fox-owl-cat…

owlcat cp Friday I'm in love... with prints (and peeved pets)

To be fair, this look probably translates as ‘stop hammering, damn you’.

On a little roll, I then put up the other half’s favourite Mr Cheapskate print.

cheapskate poster cp Friday I'm in love... with prints (and peeved pets)

Yup, I’m attempting the bulldog clip thing again!

Remember how the fox-owl-cat used to like
to hide under the bed when we were doing diy?

grey ninja hiding Friday I'm in love... with prints (and peeved pets)

Well, grey-ninja-cat seems to adopted the practice too.

grey ninja cp Friday I'm in love... with prints (and peeved pets)

It’s a hard life being a cat right?

I also finally framed my gorgeous birthday screenprint from my friend Jill.

(She based it on a phrase I once said to her… it almost like I’m famous!)

jill print cp Friday I'm in love... with prints (and peeved pets)

I thought it worked pretty well with our Japan print…
(which unfortunately became pretty relevant later on in March).

dscf8179 Friday I'm in love... with prints (and peeved pets)

I absolutely adore the record detail… she has
superior screenprinting skills to me!

chair cp Friday I'm in love... with prints (and peeved pets)

I also reintroduced our ‘rules are for fools’ print back into the flat.
(It had been ‘dressing’ our old flat while it was on the market.)

The chair in the shot is our future mustard velvet chair.
Can’t wait for us to finish it… when we have the time!

bear cp Friday I'm in love... with prints (and peeved pets)

I also pondered where to put my lovely bear print from The Seventy Tree

map honeymoon cp Friday I'm in love... with prints (and peeved pets)

And did a bit of honeymoon planning on our future map.

owlfoxcat pirate cp Friday I'm in love... with prints (and peeved pets)

Apparently these quieter activities were much more satisfactory…

Maybe I’ll get round to finishing the wall display one day!


Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

We’re having a bit of a wedding weekend, making our invites,
testing our wines, and writing our vows. Oh yes and a bit snoozing,
chilling, relaxing and watching 30 Rock. Bring it on!


You've been framed…

4 Mar

First, some good news: we sold our old flat.
Which is such a relief I can’t tell you.

But it has caused a slight problem* as…

I now have all my prints and art from both flats.

So this weekend, inspired by the following gorgeous displays,
I’m going to have a go at grouping some of our pictures.

(If you hear a loud yelp in Edinburgh,
it’ll be me hitting my thumb with the hammer.)

5151169640 abfac33fd0 b You've been framed... How gorgeous is this display? I love that isak print!

dsc 73531 You've been framed... Amazing colours… in this pop-up shop.

6293815 crendsr4 c You've been framed... Love the idea of using trouser hangers.

I’ve tried this with bulldog clips in the past but we obviously
have the heating on too much… as the prints started to curl up!

img 1058 You've been framed... I also adore this clipboard idea

halligan9 You've been framed... Love this staircase display

Yes, I have spotted it has maps and globes in it!

stairs You've been framed... And a super cute staircase wall display by the seventy tree.

I love the blackboard speech bubble. So clever.

greybear You've been framed... I was extremely lucky to recently win one of her
gorgeous bear prints – another one for the display!

Ok, now where did I put that hammer…


1. nicoletter via pinterest 2. Kate Spade via life style etc
3. apartment therapy via pinterest 4. smile and wave
5. design sponge 6. seventy tree 7. seventy tree shop


*when I said ‘slight problem’
I may have been exaggerating!

Would you rather…

19 Oct

I have a difficult decision to make… Ok, it’s not life-threatening, or even threatening in any way shape or form, but it’s been bugging me.

You see we currently have a blank space on our hall wall when we first come in. (I know, traumatic right?) And I want a print that’ll make me smile in the morning when I’m leaving… and that’ll make me extra happy to be home.

I also want something orangey as we have an orange and white sideboard (as customised by me… more on that another day) and of course the badger wallpaper…

These are my current contenders… which would you rather have?

underdog Would you rather…

Aardvark Manifesto from Keep Calm Gallery… which I love but I’m not sure if I want to kill my TV (I barely watch enough TV as it is!). OR…

f pt britishfoxes Would you rather…

‘British Isles (Foxes)’ by Patrick Thomas from Nelly Duffy… you all know how much I love foxes!
I really can’t decide – not helped by the fact that they’re totally different prices.
So what do you all think? Any suggestions of any lovely orangey prints would be most welcome. And if anyone fancies buying either of these for my birthday, obviously I wouldn’t object icon wink Would you rather…
P.S. Thanks to Lisa-Marie for the recent award and to Elizabeth for the meme… I will attempt to pass them on soon!

When you're tiling, the whole world tiles with you

8 Aug

So we’ve built the kitchen cabinets, we’ve ordered the worktop (not being delivered until September unfortunately) and now we’re thinking tiles…

Originally we (well, me) had been thinking about getting mirror splashbacks to maximise the light in the kitchen – but having decided on a white worktop with white cabinets, I’m thinking mirror might look a bit stark. So we looked at some coloured splashbacks and we just weren’t that wowed… They seem more modern than tiles, more streamlined etc but somehow less personal.

Which now means we’re on the hunt for cool tiles that would suit a white kitchen that will have a grey with dots floor and pink jelly wallpaper… um…

One of our thoughts was to buy plain white tiles and then get a few patterned/screenprinted ones to mix in among them. Kind of like Lulu Guinness’ kitchen (via here) but less full on…

6a00d8341c7dce53ef0120a5cb541c970b When you're tiling, the whole world tiles with you

Here’s what I’ve come across so far in my tile hunting so far:

192402 punkdoilytilepink When you're tiling, the whole world tiles with you

This Punk Doily tile by Kiss Her is the right colour for going with the jellies… it also reminds me of my friend’s wedding!

lovetiles When you're tiling, the whole world tiles with you

We could spell out any word with these circus tiles by Kiss Her … though I think deciding what those words should be would be a hard task.

supernice When you're tiling, the whole world tiles with you

Which would be the same problem with these Big Tomato tiles (spotted via Home Shopping Spy). Our favourite is the Dalek… anyone who saw the ‘would you like a cup of tea?’ episode of Dr Who will understand why we think we need this in our kitchen!

robo1 When you're tiling, the whole world tiles with you

We also came across these rather lovely Wellbeck cutlery tiles (also via Home Shopping Spy)…

cutlery0 When you're tiling, the whole world tiles with you

They do a jellies one too which would either look great with our Thornback and Peel wallpaper or be jelly overkill!

jelly1 When you're tiling, the whole world tiles with you

A further look at their range revealed Wellbeck also do these gorgeous tiles… Now I’m not a very flowery girl but how awesome do these look? I love the mix of the white tiles and the patterned ones (especially the gold hearts).

31dd2b90 e05a 47e9 8352 ce2659b2d6bf When you're tiling, the whole world tiles with you

Then in amongst all this tile thinking, we remembered we already own this Rob Ryan tile (ours is in red) and thought well, we could maybe just buy a few more of his tiles…

il fullxfull 136124943 When you're tiling, the whole world tiles with you

But I’m not sure I could cope with these buttony ones… they remind me of Coraline too much!

il fullxfull 160499538 When you're tiling, the whole world tiles with you

So we gave up on that theory. (One Rob Ryan tile turns out to be enough for us!) Anyway, from there, I ended up on Design Sponge where I spotted these lovely tiles by Xenia Taler

xeniapeek5 When you're tiling, the whole world tiles with you

A quick trip over to her site revealed these cute as hell tiles… I think the caterpillar is my favourite but he’s maybe a bit of an odd choice considering how much else we have going on in the kitchen. (The OH now wants owl tiles though!)

picnik collage tiles When you're tiling, the whole world tiles with you

After all the searching, I remembered seeing these teacup tiles a few years ago…

003 4 11 When you're tiling, the whole world tiles with you

They would be very handy but wouldn’t exactly break up an all white kitchen!

So basically after all that I’m no further on deciding tiles… though I did come across a clock that I now want!

Anyone any suggestions for cool tiles?

I’m half beginning to think we should make some ourselves icon wink When you're tiling, the whole world tiles with you

pixel When you're tiling, the whole world tiles with you
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