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You're all very lovely…

20 Jul


Print by Freya Art

It’s a Monday so what better way to start the day than by giving out some awards! The very lovely Pretty Pollys Pretty Things gave me these lovely blog awards recently… (If you haven’t checked out their blog, do… they really are the cutest… I so wish I’d been as talented and as cool at their age!)

one+lovely+blog+award-1 you+are+a+great+read+award

And I’m passing them on to some of my new blog finds… For different reasons you all fill my days with a little bit of sunshine and make me very happy that I discovered the world of blogging…

Le Petit Oiseau
Girl With A Golden Touch
Bliss In A Teacup
Fat Mum Slim
Yellow Goat
Droll Girl

And as if that wasn’t enough awards… the very lovely (and very stylish) Eden Rose awarded me this rather pink ‘blog lovin award’ too (even though she’s been feeling fluey – how generous is that? I would so just be hiding under a duvet!)…


Which I’m passing on to the following blogs I love (you guys also make me all sunshine-y!)

She Can’t Decide
Milk Tooth’s Rain
Our Little Love Nest
Tales of a Junkaholic

Feel free to pass your awards on to blogs you love x

A sort of tag…

19 Jul


A while ago Dreaming of An Aga tagged me and I said I was going to do a post on it but I have rather dramatically failed to get round to it. (My answer involved me taking some pics of my new bike which I will do soonish I promise.)

Anyway in place of that – since I’m not one for not answering people – I thought I’d re-use something I did as part of one of those irritating Facebook things a friend made me do. If you want to know more about me, here’s some random things you probably don’t know..

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.
(The observant will notice that I’m cheating again and there’s not quite 25 answers here but some of my answers were just too nonsensical for here!)

1. I drink about 5 or 6 cups of green tea every day but have still only ever had 3 cups of coffee in my entire life.

2. I once suffered from an injury called ‘Popeye Arm’ where the muscle comes away from the bone and makes your arms puff up so you look like Popeye. It was extremely painful!

3. I don’t really like ice cream. Or cream. It makes me feel a bit sick. (The other half loves this as he gets to eat whole tubs by himself!)

4. When I was around 15, I was a trained children’s shoe fitter for Clarks… and yes I got to use ‘that’ machine.

5. I used to fight for fun… well sort of. I was a brown belt in karate and won quite a lot of trophies and medals for my ‘Killer’ skills

7. I really really loathe peas. It makes me quite upset when I find them in something unexpectedly.

8. When I was about 4, I used to tell people that I was going to write a novel about wolves when I was older… haven’t got round to writing that one yet

10. My Nana wanted me to be a Nun or a chiropodist when I grew up.

11. As a consequence of no.10, I learned all the words to The Sound of Music as that was the nearest I was getting to being a Nun.

12. At one point I went everywhere on roller skates – my knees are a testament to the fact that I fell over a lot since I never took them off – including when going down stairs.

13. I only have one dimple. It’s on my right cheek… below my right eye.

16. I’ve been a veggie for around a decade now. In answer to the usual questions… I don’t miss bacon but I do miss marshmallows. I don’t eat fish but do eat eggs. And yes I really do like tofu

18. I don’t hear that well out of my right ear. It got damaged when I had a bad ear infection and a result it can’t depressurise. It only ever affects me in pubs and clubs when I can’t understand a single word people are saying.

19. I did part of my degree in Denmark – but all I can say now is ‘tak’.

20. I would make a good cat burglar. In the past, I’ve had to break into our old house I grew up in, an apartment in Cannes and a house in Berlin.

21. I can’t stand when people amble when walking… I like to weave through crowds. I think it’s leftover from when I was a glass collector in a nightclub at 17.

22. I prefer LA to New York – but only really because I went to LA first (and on my own) so I sort of think of it is as mine.

23. The other half only ever calls me Zoë if I’m about to step out in front of a car (happens more than you would think) or if he’s mad at me (happens a lot less than you would think).

25. I used to drink more Goldschlager than humanly possible. I suspect the inside of me is still covered in tiny gold specks as a consequence.

If anyone fancies doing the ‘new tag’ feel free. It’s always far more fun reading other people’s answers than it is doing it yourself – but I won’t be cruel and tag you this time – I know how much work is involved!! 😉

Friday I'm in love… with love

19 Jun


Via fffound

So I’m back from Norway, where I had a stupendously good time (will show you some pics soon), my red Bobbin Glorie has arrived (ooh she’s so pretty!), I’m gearing up for the Moonwalk on Saturday (followed by seeing Take That on the Sunday!) and all in all I’m feeling really happy… and loved up. Which is strange when you’ve been in a relationship as long as me and the other half have but good strange… So I thought I’d pass on the love (and an award) since it’s a Friday and you’re all so lovely 🙂

1. Simplify our love tile from Rob Ryan
I love this gorgeous tile from very talented Rob Ryan… and they’re finally back in stock at his Etsy shop. Yay!


2. Heart Yo-Yos from Somethings Hiding in Here
Love is a little like a yo-yo – sometimes in love you feel up and sometimes you feel down… And don’t you just love the cross-stitchness (yes a trip to Norway hasn’t cured me of that!)


3. Love Card from Curious Doodles
Love how simple this is… it’s so a ‘I could have made this’ kind of thing. Except I didn’t.


4. We Make Sense via fffound
Even if no-one else understands us…


5. Sampler Love via fffound
Only just realised how many cross-stitch/sampler things are in this post. Anyway, no idea who Helen and Lito are but I think this is so sweet.


6. Every Day I Love You from Rockett St. George (via Poppy Talk)
How romantic is a bit of old wood? Very apparently!


7. You are loved via fffound
Because everyone needs to be told that once in a while.


7. A rather lovely award
Before I went away, Kerry from The Seventy Tree gave me this rather nice award. She has a totally fab blog – and is a fellow lover of yellow – so if you haven’t been there before, get over there as it rocks.


And now for the passing on of the award. Here’s some blogs I think are rather lovely too…

Eden Rose
Her Little Place
Lobster and Swan
Little Doodles
Slices of Beauty

Check them out if you haven’t already and have a fab weekend xx

Off to Norway…

10 Jun


So I’m off to Norway tomorrow to see my friends Ellen and Alfonso… Not by train I hasten to add but I thought I would share this Monsieur Cabaret Canvas Bag from Olso-based Darling Clementine. Isn’t it a cool bag? I love the line “Monsieur Cabaret Says Astonish Me!”

Anyway, while I’m away I’ve scheduled a few posts so there’ll still be some ramblings from me (just in case you were worried!) And even better than that, some friends have written a few guest posts too so feel free to give them a lovely blogland welcome 🙂

P.S. Also wanted to say a big thanks to The Seventy Tree for my ‘Creative Blogger’ award – I will pass it on when I get back from the cabin! (Yup I’m going with friends to a cabin in Norway… so sounds like the start of a horror movie!)

P.P.S. My bike arrives on Friday! (Even though I’m not here!) Thanks for all your voting… I went with (drum roll) red in the end!

Tag, you're it…

6 Jun

On Wednesday morning I woke up to discover I’d been tagged by the lovely Trish from Under Lock and Key which really did make my day. I started doing my answers to the questions that evening (some of them are tough!) but then life got in the way (it’s been an extraordinarily busy week) but finally here’s my answers and the people I’m tagging too…


Via [AV Photography]

Here are the rules:
1. respond and rework; answer the questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your invention, add more one question of your own.
2. tag eight other people

And here are my answers:
What is your current obsession? Um, I have a few. Is that allowed? In no order, they are dutch bikes, tin globes, bathroom tiles (which isn’t even a fun obsession!) and Pocky (though I’m coming round to the idea of Mikado as an acceptable substitute).
What is your weirdest obsession? Finding a vintage pump tea pot. Ever since they served us green tea in one in Kyoto I’ve been stalking them. Frustratingly there’s one in my local charity shop but it’s broken so they won’t sell it. The only other I’ve found is this one from Raveena Girls Vintage below which costs a bit much for postage to the UK.

Coffee or tea? Tea all the way. I’ve only drank three cups of coffee in my entire life (despite the fact that the other half is a coffee fiend). That said I’m still not a conventional tea drinker. I drink green tea, peppermint tea and a cup of Earl Grey now and then.

What’s for dinner? Not sure. When I started writing this post (it takes me too long to answer questions about myself) the other half had made us a veggie shepherd’s pie (from scratch) with roasted potatoes and carrots. It was yummy.

What would you eat for your last meal? That always strikes me as a dark question. Not sure I would have much of an appetite if I knew it was my last meal. If I had to choose it would be the other half’s spicy tomato tofu noodle dish. The first time he made it for me I ate two huge bowls of it and was nearly sick – it is that good!

What was the last thing you bought? A pair of floral tights. I love tights, I really do, so I loathe to giving them up for summer. Bright floral ones are my compromise.

Via Style Bubble
What are you listening to right now? Currently birds tweeting outside… I’m also currently playing to death Friendly Fires, The National and itunes genius mixes based on Fleet Foxes!

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? I’m not a big fan of ice-cream (me and dairy don’t make the best of friends) but I do like to steal the chocolate bits out of the other half’s ice-cream!

What do you think of the person(s) who tagged you? She’s funny and pretty, has very good taste and is very far away. (She’s in Sydney, I’m in Edinburgh).

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? Probably back in time. There’s a few things I’d like to tell myself when I was younger. An hour should cover the important stuff!

Which language do you want to learn? I would love to learn Japanese – the other half did pretty much all the talking while we were there, I just smiled at people!

What’s your favorite quote (for now)? “In memory everything seems to happen to music.” Tennessee Williams

What is your favorite colour? This one is easy. Yellow. With an incomprehensible passion. Though I do also have a thing for neon pink right now – even if I do end up looking like a giant highlighter pen when I’m wearing it!

Via Inspiration Bubble
What is your favorite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe? My reversable dress from H&M. I bought this dress a few years ago as a cheap dress to go on holiday with… and it somehow became my most treasured item of clothing. I love it dearly and genuinely worry about the day it shrinks or rips…
What is your dream job? An author or a sugar mice taster.
What is your worst habit? Being a stress bunny. I get myself worked up about things like money, deadlines etc… far too easily. I sometimes wonder if that’s why I suffer from migraines.
If you had £100 now, what would you spend it on? A sideboard, a vintage dress, a yellow floor lamp, an old chaise lounge that needs reupholstered and a retro chandelier. This of course would all have to be bought at the world’s most magical shop where totally fab things cost no money! 😉
Do you admire any one’s style? Trish already stole my style icon but screw it I can’t think of anyone else but Zooey Danschel… she has the best dresses, gorgeous hair and of course the best name (even if she does spell it funny!).
Describe your personal style? Co-ordinated chaos. Most days I live in dresses, cardigans, bright tights and dolly shoes. For more formal occassions, I’m a huge fan of 50s dresses – my figure is so not made for the current era.
What are you going to do after this? Go buy a toilet! Sad but true!!
What are your favourite movies? I have lots but there’s only a few that I never tire of watching, like Toy Story and Howl’s Moving Castle.
What is your favorite fruit? Right now I’m really into pears (if you can be into such a thing!). They’re kind of a recent discovery on my part… yes I’ve known they existed for some time but I just thought I didn’t like them. Turns out I do. I’m also extremely partial to raspberries (comes from picking rasps in my Nana’s garden as a little kid).
What inspires you? The idea that something can always be made better, that’s there’s a better idea just around the corner…
Your favorite book? If This Is A Man by Primo Levi. I wrote my dissertation on it in high school and it stayed with me ever since – it reminds me to be a better person and not take things for granted. I also love Watchmen – as it was the first graphic novel that I really fell for in a big way.
Do you collect something? I used to collect art deco mirrors (I’ve got around 19 now so I’ve stopped for the moment) which I still need to find somewhere to put in the new flat. I think nowadays I technically collect chairs – at one point we had chairs chairs everywhere and not a seat to sit on.
What is your favorite smell? Acqua di Gio for boys. The other half used to wear it when we were first seeing each other.
What are you most proud of? My little sis. She’s so talented and driven – plus she can sew, knit, bake, play the guitar and do a perfect Welsh accent (she is an actress!).
How many times do you press the snooze button before you get up? A ridiculous amount. I’ve never been a morning person. Ever.
Cats or dogs? Cats. I identify with their random temperaments much more – dogs are too needy for my liking, I would get stressed leaving them on their own.
What’s your biggest fashion mistake? In the 90s I had the big slouchy fall down socks which I wore with a short skirt and Doc Martin shoes. Let’s not mention that I had the hairspray bump/quiff thing too!
Complete the following: Love is… never being afraid to show your dweeby side!
I shall now pass the tag to: Inspiration Bubble, Meg Gets Crafty, The Seventy Tree, Tea For Joy, Tales of a Junkaholic, Patchwork Harmony, Our Little Love Nest and Glue and Glitter.

And they all drank lemonade

10 May

Lemonade Stand, originally uploaded by amanda pulley.

So on Friday, Patchwork Harmony gave me a Lemonade Award and I was very honoured to be included in such a fantastic list of bloggers, including the very fab Tea For Joy and my very very recent discovery The Seventy Tree.

Although I originally started this blog in late 2007, it’s only since about February/March this year that I’ve really got into it – and really got into discovering other people’s wonderful blogs. So when I sat down to come up with my Lemonade winners I thought this would be easy… but then realised I’ve discovered so many many brilliant blogs in the last month alone that this was going to be much tougher than I’d originally thought.

So these are my winners… in the order I discovered them. They all make me smile, make me think and make me jealous sometimes 😉 of their utter fabness. If you haven’t heard of them, check them out – and if you have, well, why not pay them another visit and say hi from me.

Bugs and Fishes

Meg Gets Crafty



Forever Amber

Inspiration Bubble

Luphia loves…

Cowboys and Custard

Wee Birdy

Where The Lovely Things Are

What’s Blogging My View

For the winners, share the love and pass it on… here’s what to do….
1)Put the Lemonade Award logo on your blog or post


2) Nominate at least 10 blogs that show great attitude or gratitude
3) Link to your nominees within your post
4) Let the nominees know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog
5)Link to the person from who you received your award

Pictures of an old picture house

3 May

This isn’t my usual type of conversation piece… but I came across the following pictures on Scouting NY while I was looking for vintage cinema chairs (I want to put a few in my hall… obviously!) Anyway, these pics of this old picture house in Brooklyn really caught my eye and I thought I would share them. There’s something so sad and poignant about how dilapidated it is.

They really don’t make them like they used to, do they?

3422387699_c221c12861 3422388461_4310a4056d 3422389447_3d458e17db


An out-of-this-world super-cute blog

1 Jul

Stumbled across a very cute fashion blog yesterday. It’s called Flying Saucer and is by a girl who looks like a human Blythe doll. I’m loving her mix of newsy stories, fashion updates, what I’m wearing today posts and thrifty finds. But most of all, I’m loving her gorgeous red curls… Can I has?

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