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Viva design democracy… and doing your own thing!

30 Jul

Ok, you’re probably all looking at the title of this post and thinking I’ve gone mad. (As usual, you might be right.)

Design democracy? What the heck is that?

Well, up until recently I’d never heard the phrase either… it’s not exactly something that gets dropped into dinner conversations. But then I got nominated for mydeco’s blog awards (you can vote for me here) and they asked all the nominees to write a post about ‘Design Democracy’.

Now I’m not a designer. Or even an interior designer. I’m just someone who likes pretty, practial things.

I like colour and fun. Junk furniture and bargain buys. I like what I think is cool, not what I’ve been told is.

So my opinions on design are just that… my opinions.

And that’s what I think design democracy is.

It’s not about being dictated to… it’s about about what you like, what makes you smile, what makes you feel happy.

If you want to paint your walls black, go ahead. If you want to go beige, well, that’s your choice too. Red, yellow, blue… that’s totally up to you.

Love mid-century modern furniture? Eat your heart out. More of an Ikea gal (or boy)? Well, why not? Got a mish-mash of well-loved bits and bobs? Don’t let anyone make you feel you need to replace any of it.

This isn’t a revoluntionary theory.

Just that your home – and the things you buy/acquire/covet/live with – should be ‘you’. After all, rules are for fools.

Weddingnesday… the wedding with space hoppers!

23 Jun

Have you seen K, tea‘s wedding?

I saw her pics on Saturday morning and was immediately grinning from ear to ear.

This is so how I want our wedding to be – full of fun, laughter and a little silly.

We’ve been seeing celebrants recently and have been struck by how serious they are.

We mentioned it to our families and they said ‘well, marriage/the ceremony is serious’.

And the two of us looked at each other and smiled…

They should know us better by now.

Congratulations to Katie and her mister – you guys look like you had such an awesome day!

My style resolutions…

26 Jan

Eeek! My style resolutions are on Tea For Joy today. This means I’m going to have to stick to them!

Thankfully I’ve been quite kind to myself (ie cheated) and not given myself too many tasks for 2010…

If you want to check them out, have a look here

P.S. Check out how snowy it was the day I wrote them!!

You're super cute… and shoulda been a stripper, sugar doll

20 Nov

Blog awards rock. It’s official.

They rock even more when they have names like ‘shoulda been a stripper’!

So I’d like to say a big thank you to Daydreams in Lace, Our Day by Design and Eden Rose, your Sugar Doll, Super Cute and Shoulda Been A Stripper blog awards made me smile on some very grey and blue November days.

Now before I announce which super cute, shoulda been a stripper sugar doll blogs I’m passing these awards onto… two of the awards came with a tag.

One was to share 10 things about me and the other was to share 7 of my personality traits (ekkk!). So here goes…

10 things about me…

1. I’m 5’3 and a bit. Friends say I’m deceptively short as most people think I’m much taller than I am.

2. I have very dark hair and very pale skin naturally – though if you look at pics of me when I’m a toddler, I had blonde hair and tanned skin… which makes me wonder if I’m the original Zoë!

3. I have been told by a disturbing amount of people that they think I was a cat in a previous life. It might explain my love of napping though.

4. I can’t stand being cold. When it comes to winter, I start wearing scarves, gloves, earmuffs and leg warmers on a permanent basis.

5. I really hate peas. (I think I might have mentioned this before but this is how strong my hatred is.)

6. I love camping at festivals… even if you do find slugs on your plastic plates in the morning. (This rather blurry pic represents how much I love it even if it is pouring with rain. I am so Scottish sometimes.)

7. My little cousins call me a ‘pretend grown-up’. They are so right.

8. I used to suffer from really bad migraines. I got three a month for five years. They sucked. And I am so so so happy to say that I don’t get them anymore! 🙂

9. I’m addicted to dim sum. I could eat it all day, every day, if I could. It makes me happy.

10. I really love cartoons – and once watched SpongeBob SquarePants for a week as they were playing the episodes back-to-back. (We had a free trial of Cartoon Network that week… I was gutted when it was over!)

And now for the scary bit…

7 personality traits…

1. Different. This is the most common word that friends and family use to describe me. I’m like the little fox Ash in Fantastic Mr Fox. A bit different but hopefully in a good way.

2. Perfectionist. I wish there was another word for this. I don’t exactly want everything to be perfect… I just like to have things ‘as I have them in my head’. It’s why I sometimes work very, very long hours, have arguments with plumbers about the placement of taps… and won’t eat sandwiches if they’re even a tiny bit soggy!

3. Thirfty. Spending large amounts of money makes me feel panicky. I am much happier finding a little bargain in a charity or second hand shop – it always feels like it’s worth so much more.

4. Imaginative. I come up with ideas for a living. I write scripts and stories in my spare time. But most of all, I see expressions on buildings, bunny-shaped puddles and comedy moments in everyday life. I can’t imagine any other way to be.

5. Tense. I’m ridiculously bad at relaxing. There always seems like there’s too much to be done. I’m currently relearning to knit and am hoping this will make me more zen-like. (But you so know that it’s just stressing me further!)

6. Caring. I’m not exactly a Care Bear but I care a great deal about all the people I love… and lots of people I don’t even know too. I hate seeing people sad and unhappy – and always want to do something to fix it.

7. Possimistic. I try my best to see the positive in every situation. (Gosh, I sound like a little do-gooder.) I think if I always saw the negative in everything, I wouldn’t bother to get up in the morning. (I’m not good with early mornings as it is!)

The other half thinks possimism describes my fear that one day possums will rise up and take over. And looking at this pic, I think he might be right!

And now that I’ve shared far too much about myself, some lovely blog awards for some lovely people…

My Sugar Dolls are…

Sweet Evie at handmade romance

Delectable Dee at our little love nest

The luscious pretty green

The moresome lenore nevermore

My Super Cuties are…

Adorable Fay at dreaming of an aga

The delightful dustjacket attic

The darling notes from the toothfairy

And My Shoulda Been A Strippers are…

Magnificent Meg at Meg Gets Crafty

Luscious Laura at She Draws

Knockout Kirsten at Paper Cut Panic

Siren Serena at Cowdy Calling

You guys know all the rules… pass them on if you want, do the tags if you want and generally just keep on being your super lovely selves.

I’m off to go stripping now… Or to lie down after such a HUGE blog post!

Pic credits: the strippers via Chole Van Paris, the bin faces via faces in places and the possum via Google Images

Blogger won't let me say hello…

5 Oct


What’s going indeed? For some reason blogger isn’t letting me comment on anyone’s posts. It’s just appears to be deleting my comments instead… so if I normally comment on your blog, I came, I saw, I liked, I got deleted and I’m giving up for now!

Grrr to blogger…

Pic found via poppytalk

A very happy (blog) birthday…

10 Sep


So 10th of September 2007 was my first ever blog post which means today is my blog’s birthday. It’s weird to think that I’ve now been blogging for two years as I only really got into at the start of this year – before that I was just randomly using this site more as a reference point for things I’d seen.

In the last 8 or so months, I can confess to having become a bonifide blogging addict – and not really because I like writing it so much, but more because I like reading people’s comments, discovering their blogs and just the general loveliness that is other bloggers. It’s amazing how a bunch of people you’ve never met (and might never meet) can brighten your day so much.

So I thought it only appropriate that for my blog’s birthday I get round to giving away those Lemonade Awards I got from Shallow Mallow and My Black Book. (And post a pic of cupcakes too since you can’t have a birthday without cake!)

Without further ado, I give these blogs a Lemonade Stand for their general awesomeness and loveliness… If you haven’t heard of any of them, pop over and say hi from me!

concrete and honey

handmade romance

kickcan and conkers

you are my fav

angry chicken

seeds and stitches

a merry mishap

315 thomas

little is the new big

conversations with a cupcake

eloisa and abelard

For the winners, share the love and pass it on… here’s what to do….
1)Put the Lemonade Award logo on your blog or post if you want


2) Nominate some lovely blogs that show great attitude or gratitude
3) Link to your nominees within your post
4) Let the nominees know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog
5)Link to the person from who you received your award

Photo originally found via Cupcakes Take The Cake

She wears it well…

7 Sep

Have you seen the blog What Katie Wore? My friend, who’s currently working in Germany, sent me the link and I’m now in love with Katie and her outfits!


What’s more, it’s a whole lot cuter than the usual ‘see what I’m wearing’ blog… Katie told her boyfriend that he wasn’t romantic so he set up the blog to posts pics of what she wears each day and comment on them…


They also have a bet that she has to wear a different outfit every day for a year and designers are now sending her samples. Lucky girl huh?


I was thinking recently that I might start doing a ‘What I Wore This Week’ post so I could share some of my vintage dress finds etc – but my lovely other half hasn’t taken any suitable ‘outfit’ pics of me yet! (That and our camera never seems to be charged and I’m always running out of the door!) So much respect to Katie’s boyfriend for capturing her outfits so beautifully…

A tale of two birds… and one bathroom

1 Sep

So the other week (Friday 21st to be exact) my little friendship birds arrived from the lovely Huma at Her Little Place. I haven’t found a home for them yet and Huma had suggested that they be featured in a bathroom post so here they are…


Yes, you’re all going… very good that’s your floor… where’s the rest of your bathroom? Well, it’s 5/6ths there but we still have some tiling to do (the engagement celebrations wiped out our planned day for that), the awol plasterer still has a bit to finish, the radiator needs to go back on the wall… and we put a bit of a spanner in the works (not literally) by deciding we wanted to cover a wall in this wallpaper…


Why is this so bad? Because quite simply we can’t afford this wallpaper. Even if we could, a mere 2 rolls costs over £350 to buy and I’m not sure that spending that amount on wallpaper for a bathroom is a good idea! (Especially considering we are wallpaper novices!)

So we searched high and low (if you can do that on the internet) for an alternative and failed miserably until I found a stencil that’s pretty similar. So if we get a full day to ourselves this weekend, we’re going to be brave and give it a go. Well, when I say “we” that probably means the other half is going to do it while I fret behind him!

And once that’s done (and if we’re successful) I can finally show the results! Been a long time coming hasn’t it?

P.S. Huma, I’m actually liking the little birds being in the bathroom a lot!

Second pic via Flickr
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