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Because it's Decembrrr… letterpress gingerbread cookies

5 Dec

A while ago, I had the thought of using
our wooden letterpress blocks to
stamp letters into cookies.

I tried it. It wasn’t a failure.
But it wasn’t a great success either.

Then my husband tracked me down
some letterpress cookie cutters instead.

With Blook Club 3 on Sunday,
I thought it was the perfect excuse
to try them out…

So I made up a lump of gingerbread dough
based on an adaptation of this recipe
(Lump being the technical term of course!)

140g unsalted butter
100g dark muscovado sugar
6 soup-spoons of golden syrup
350g plain flour
1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
2 teaspoon ground ginger
2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 teaspoon powdered ginger

Heated up the sugar, butter and syrup
then mixed in the rest until there was
a lump of gingerbread ready to go!

Then it was just as simple as pressing
the letter you wanted into the dough…
firmly or they lost their shape when rising.

And then cutting them out using the cutters…
Much simpler than my original plan!

And then they went into the oven
for 10 minutes at 200C…

And the finished result…
Not bad for a first attempt!

I did consider icing the letters
but thought that might
look like they’d been iced on…
which would defeat the point!


What will you be baking this Xmas?
I’ll definitely be making more of these
and some of Danae’s amazing brownies
that she brought to Blook Club too.


P.S. I owe the title of this post
to this gorgeous illustration
(found via Wit + Delight‘s pinterest)
… it’s blooming freezing isn’t it!

Because it's Monday… Awopbopaloobop Alopbamboom

28 Nov

One of the first things I ever blogged about was
wanting a ‘Awopbopaloobop Awopbamboom!’ print.

It was my Wayne’s World print… often coveted,
considered, sometimes in the online shopping trolley
but never actually purchased…

So imagine my surprise and delight
when at a certain Secret Santa swap
my present from the lovely My Spare Thoughts
turned out to be a handmade cross-stitched
version of my so long longed for print.

Surprise and nearly tears!
(Yup, I may have been a little emotional!)


Back home, I added a little washi tape
and then put it next to my Airstream.
Another one of my often coveted things.
Wonder if anyone will ever
handmake me one of those?!

I’m lucky indeed
but maybe not that lucky!


P.S. Anyone else ever got
a really good Secret Santa? 
I think this might be my first!

P.P.S. I can’t show you yet what
I made for the Secret Santa
as I might be making a version
for my family.

I Do DIY… finding a home in our home for wedding stuff

5 Sep

“What do you do with wedding stuff after the wedding?”

Of all the wedding related questions I’ve received
recently this (from Lorri) struck me as a striking one…

You spend so much time making things and then what?

For us, there’s a simple answer.

We had a wedding sign – a gorgeous, gorgeous thing
made by my super talented uncle – and there was no way
it wasn’t going to become a feature of our home.

So at the weekend, we hung up our sign in our kitchen.
The space totally seems like it was made for the sign.

It made me so happy to see while
eating my cereal this morning!

As for our other bits and bobs…

We also put back up our gin print.
(It was our ‘bar sign’ at our wedding.)

And hung up our new ‘bike’ print… a wedding
present from our best man and best lady.

Happily the two co-ordinate very well!

This is where our chalkboard sign currently resides…
I may have to think of a better place for it eventually
but I kind of like it here at the moment.

We also finally found a spot for our Hang It All
(a wedding present from very generous friends).
And somehow one of our stags seems to suit being here…
so he’s found a home too.

Elsewhere in the flat, we have jam jars with candles
and jam jars with leftover pinwheels. It makes
me smile to see them every day and glad
that we don’t have to put them ‘away’ just yet.

Happy Monday everyone xx

P.S. What’s your advice? What did you do
or are planning to do with your wedding diy?

P.P.S. I have no idea quite where to begin with
blogging about our wedding. I have a few DIYs
to share but if there’s anything you want to
know or ask, do let me know!

Because it's Monday…

15 Aug

Some days… well, some days are just a bit Monday-shaped aren’t they?

But these beautiful masks by Keely of (Kiss Me) Go made me smile.

I like the bear one especially with his little rosy cheeks.

“It’s Monday. Bear with me.”

But of course everyone knows I have a soft spot
for foxes… maybe it could be for wearing on Tuesdays?

All images via (Kiss Me) Go



Because it's Monday… a little bit of rain

18 Jul

When I was little, very little, I thought I could control the weather.

Whenever there were tears running down my face,
the world seemed to weep with me.

Big fat raindrops to match my own wet chubby cheeks.

(I blame my literal interpretation of my Nana
singing ‘When You’re Smiling’ for this.)

Then you get older and realise that no, the weather just does as it pleases.

You plan a picnic and it pours.
You want a rainy day for movies and there’s a heat wave.
You want a white Christmas? Well, tough.*

And like most Scots, I learnt to just deal with it.

And then I learned to like it.

Blame living in LA straight after uni as it taught me to miss weather.
Every day there started with grey smog which would clear to blazing sunshine.

Brilliant yes? Well, kind of. After a while, I missed the unpredictability.
I missed the need for a cardigan. I missed the sound of rain.


We knew three weeks before our wedding that
it was going to tip it down. Proper, proper rain.

So we bought brollies, gazebos, wellies, the works.

Lots of people told us the day would be ruined if it rained…
And I never understood that. How? How ruined?
Would we not get married on account of the weather?

So when I spotted this little beauty below by Heidi Burton
I wanted to have it for our wedding day.

“I like people who smile when it’s raining.”

I do. I really do. And from the wedding pics I’ve seen so far,
my god, me and my now husband are two
of smiley-est people you’ll ever see.

Surrounded by lots of lovely other smiley people.

And maybe they sort of did control the weather
that day as it only really rained a little bit.


* Likelihood of snow at Christmas is now pretty likely I know!

P.S. My lovely print was framed by the lovely people
at Curiouser & Curiouser. They did a fab, fab job!

Because it's Monday…

23 May

I discovered these tiny boxes of instant comfort by Kim’s Little Monsters
a few weeks ago and today feels like a particularly apt day to share them.

It’s blustery, wet and blurrgh outside.

I’m tired, a little worn out and I have The Fear.

Oh yes and it’s a Monday.

So I could really do with one of these little wonders…

There’s even one with a fox…
but this smug pig one is my fav.

What’s your instant comfort on days like these?

I’m away to put on my fluffy yellow dressing gown that
makes me look like a giant chick. That should at
least make me cosy… plus it’s impossible to
feel bluesy when you look like poultry!


All images via Kim Welling

Because it's a heart-shaped Monday…

14 Feb

Here’s a bit of a confession:
we don’t do Valentine’s Day.

Well, not really.

In our many years together,
we have done the 14th of Feb
a few days before or after,
a week early, a week late,
but hardly ever on the actual date.

We’ve skipped cards, presents,
dinner dates and flowers.

Not out of any sort of protest
(though I’m not a huge fan of Clinton Cards)
but just because we’ve always liked
doing things on our own terms.

I much prefer ‘I love you’s on every other day.

All that said, I have adored Aesthetic Outburst‘s
20 Valentines in 20 Days. Especially the heart medals.

Bit late to share it I know but I guess that’s in
keeping with the way I keep Happy Heart Day!

P.S. For a Valentine’s post that will make you cry,
visit Red Boots. (But remembered I warned you.)

Love to you all
365 days a year
and then some xx


All images via the ace Aesthetic Outburst.

Baking, making and being spoiled… a wee xmas recap

10 Jan

I was an exceedingly lucky girl this Christmas.

(I’m pretty lucky at the best of times
but this occasion involved presents!)

I got lots of lovely things, too many to share,
but here’s a few iphone pics of my favourites.

This is my buffalo print from my Dad and his girlfriend.

(It’s by Paul of Navarone in case you’re wondering.)

It’s a. gorgeous and yellowy,
b. taps into my Japan obsession
and c. just makes me laugh.

My other half gave me this tiny bunting dish
(from a place in Glasgow) to keep my jewellery in.

I like it too much to put anything in it.
(I’m strange like that!)

I also got this wonderful typewriter necklace
by boygirlparty from my Dad’s girlfriend.

It’s my ‘oh hi, did you know I’m a writer’
necklace and I’m pretty chuffed with it.

My little sis got me this super gorgeous wedding book.

I’ll share a few of the DIY suggestions this Weddingnesday.

A good friend got me this yummy posh jelly book.

We can’t wait to try and make one of them…

… but I’m betting our first attempt will look nothing like this!

And now to share one of my
absolute favourite presents:

My adorable fox picture handmade by my little cousins.

Isn’t it absolutely fantastic?

(I think they might have been reading my blog!)


Of course my little cousins weren’t the only ones being crafty…

As I mentioned before, we had loads of Craftmas plans.

And we sort of, nearly, kind of made them happen. Eventually.

This is me at 2am on Christmas Eve Eve,
stitching away on my handmade cards.

This is the start of our ‘perch on a mug’
gingerbread houses production line…

Baked house segments… it was so hard not to just eat these!

One of the first assembled gingerbread villages…

And yay… proof that the gingerbread houses do perch on mugs!

Last but not least, the snowmen pinatas we made for my wee cousins.

My other half made the ‘shells’ and I did the illustrations.

He’s threatening to make more next year so
I better work on my drawing skills by then!

Hope you were all suitably spoiled too?
(Did any of you manage a very crafty Xmas?)

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