A flat and feline tour… or how to be upstaged by your own cat

Velvet Ninja Cat at home

Now if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know that I take a lot of pictures of my two cats – the Velvet Ninja Cat and the Fox Owl Cat. I’ve written here about these two wonderful wee weirdos – both shelter cats with their very own distinct personalities – and how much having some fluffy overlords living with you can really brighten your day. So, yes, I’m definitely a cat fan shall we say…

So I only have myself to blame for how much the Velvet Ninja Cat (above) likes getting her picture taken. Bring a photographer into the flat and she clearly thinks they’re there to take her picture. (The Fox Owl Cat, however, thinks they’re there to steal her away so hides under a duvet, in a cupboard or once behind the washing machine. Let’s just say, she’s more camera shy.)

Recently the lovely team at Urban Outfitters popped over to take some photos for a home tour. Now, I’ve said before that I’m not the most relaxed photography subject, all full of nervous chatter and energy, so I clearly need to take tips from the resident feline… who would just strut into the shoot and give her best ‘blue steel’.

Pop on over to the Urban Outfitters blog to see some more snaps of the Velvet Ninja Cat, our London home and to read me babbling about my love of thrifting, blankets, and how my Positive Pigeon project came about.

And just because… here’s more proof of just how much the Velvet Ninja Cat knows how to work a camera (and steal my heart every time). And a few of the Fox Owl Cat too so she doesn’t feel left out!*

Happy cat on couch at Conversation Pieces' home

Actual cat and cat pillow at Conversation Pieces' home

Cat in a box at Conversation Pieces' home

Draw me like one of your French kitties – Conversation Pieces

Cat team at Conversation Pieces's home

Velvet Ninja Cat and the Fox Owl Cat – Conversation Pieces' cats

Fox Owl Cat and scarf – Conversation Piecesb

Fluffy paws – Conversation Pieces' cat


*And because her little mismatched paws kill me every time. They’re soooo fluffy!