A Jurassic lark… or dinosaur hunting in London

Tp The Dinos... Convo Pieces

“Any day with a dinosaur in it is a good day.”  me, circa June 2013

Our first sunny Wednesday evening in London, we decided to go dinosaur hunting…

photo 1 (3)

Not to the Natural History Museum – despite the highly possible inception by this print (and our gold dinos) – but to Crystal Palace Park.

13 - 5

Where these misshapen beauties live. They were the first dinosaur sculptures in the world, meaning they look a bit like a 5 year old child’s drawing of a prehistoric creature, cast in stone. In the best way of course.

13 - 3

They are wonky and wonderful… and can’t fail to make you smile.

photo 2 (3)

I mean really, these guys? He based these on frogs right?

13 - 7

And I’ve been ‘forced’ to buy a tea towel with them on it… attacking joggers in the park of course.

13 - 4

But not all of them are so “ferocious” looking… this one has been turned into a nest by a duck!13 - 1

And then we returned home… no more dinosaurs to hunt out.

Until we went to the Heron Tower for a drink and spotted, from up high, some familiar looking creatures at the bottom of the Gherkin.


(He’s behind you… those stegosaurus types are always sneaking up on people!)

photo 3 (1)

Yes, there’s a T-Rex just hanging out there… doing his thing.

photo 4 (1)

And isn’t he possibly the happiest looking dino you’ve ever seen?

Dino Days 2 - 1

Days later, I spotted this guy in Shoreditch… but surely this was the last of our ‘dinosaur hunting’ luck though?


Then one night after work, we stopped for a coffee…

The first table we sat at was a bit grubby. Not majorly so, just someone else’s coffee cup, someone else’s crumbs… so we decided to move tables.

Crumb-free, cup-free… but with a tiny origami dinosaur on it.


So we took him home… via the Tube…

Dino days - 7

We named him Herbert. Because it just seemed like a suitable name.


We took him on a couple of weekend journeys…

Dino days - 11

Where he really liked looking out of the window…


And romping in the long grass…


And, erm, terrifying the locals. (Yeah, not so much!)

Since then, I’ve spotted no more dinos…

But seeing as I have a portable one now every day can be a good day as there’s a dino in it. 


P.S. Any other London dinosaur spots/suggestions welcome!

P.P.S. Back in the ‘summer’ of 2012, I went to see a comedian called Bec Hill, who finished up her show with a piece on dinosaurs taking over London…

Maybe this is where my dino obsession started, or maybe it was because of this photo shoot, but either way it’s quite definitely a thing now!