Edinburgh’s secret Wild West…

On Sunday, this cowgirl and her cowboy headed out West…

Well, sort of…

You see, there’s a little lane in Edinburgh
with an abandoned Wild West set.

Not too many people seem to know about it.
And despite having lived here for years now,
I only heard about it a couple of weeks ago
from a friend of a friend while in a pub.
(It’s where he took his girlfriend on their first date!)

On Sunday we decided we’d go and check it out
before doing a spot of charity shopping (more on that later).

{Check out how happy I am with my Wild West find!}

It’s tiny but rather brilliant… and we spent
the best part of an hour, snapping pics…

I adored all the signs… especially the one below.

There was no-one else about which made
it feel both creepy and rather exciting…

Then we decided to take some ‘cowboy’ shots of each other…

{I adore my ‘jail’ shot of the other half.}

Bang bang…

Turns out the other half is soooo much better at cowboy posing
but I’m guessing as a boy he’s had way more practice!


So how you all? Is there a secret cool thing near where you live?
Isn’t it strange how you can live somewhere for
so long and still find secret little places? Do share!


{Update:} I’ve had loads of people asking for the set’s location,
so I thought it would be easiest to put it here.

It’s off Springvalley Gardens, past the Morningside charity shops.
It looks like an unassuming driveway so keep your eyes peeled!

Do let me know if you go and visit it! 🙂

{Update 2:} Recently discovered these
fab pics of the Wild West set.
I’m rather sad to see that the saloon
had a roof and doors once upon a time!