The best ever charity shop… and the find that got away

Back in January, the lovely Claire from Miso Funky
told me about the best ever charity shop. “You’ll love it.”

And boy was she right… it’s a cute wee place in Govan,
with gorgeous finds at old school charity shop prices.

My favourite find was the 50s coffee pot above.
Which I can’t decide whether to use for coffee
or turn into a pretty little vase for flowers.

Next up… this gorgeous little 50s gravy boat.
I’m thinking I might plant something in it.
An orangey flower perhaps?

{That said, it looks pretty cute just sitting
next to my new Hello Jenuine postcard.}

Since July last year when I found my first Meakin teapot,
we’ve become a bit obsessed with the 60s make.

And here in this charity shop was another little set.
Complete with a milk jug and bowl.

I was torn between this set and a pretty pinky gold set
I’d spotted. “I’ll get this then” said the other half.

{Yes, he’s a definite keeper than one.}

Does this remind anyone else of an owl?
I keep seeing this pic as two eyes looking at me!

New Meakin meets old Meakin.
Or boy’s Meakin meets girl’s Meakin!

And a lemon squeezer… which is hopefully
going to assist me on my soon-to-start health-kick.

This is the china that caught my eye.

It’s been a while since I saw anything so pretty
or so affordable in a charity shop it has to be said.

Gin in a tea cup anyone?

Last April I blogged about my vintage china obsession.

It made some sense when I was collecting more for our wedding.
And after our wedding, a couple of people borrowed
my china for their own wedding… which was pretty cool.

So I’ve been thinking if anyone has a wedding or event
they’d like to borrow some for… then drop me a line.

Instead of payment, I was thinking it would be
good to donate to my Nana’s charity, Marie Curie.
Since she’s the one who inspired my love of tea.

Oh yes, and the set also came with another milk jug…
which I can add to my little growing collection.

{I have no idea why I’m so fond of milk jugs but I am!}

After leaving the lovely charity shop laid down
with all these things, we headed to the West End.

Where I picked up this cute coral cardi…
which I have now washed twice and
still haven’t got rid of the ‘vintage smell’.

Any tips on how to do that?


And the one that got away?

Behold the Holiday Flask in the Holiday picnic hamper.

I found this in a junk shop… and instantly
fell deeply in love with that Holiday logo.

But my wallet was pretty empty by this point.
And the price was far too high anyway.

So I let it go.

(Well, sort of… it’s going on my
things to stalk on ebay list!)


So do you know of still fab charity shop?
Or how to get rid of that vintage aroma?!
Do share if you do.

And if you’re interested in borrowing my china
(and donating to Marie Curie) just drop me an email.

Happy Monday everyone xx