You had me at cake… heart cake and heart bunting

It’s nearly Valentine’s…
so that seems like the perfect
time to talk heart cake…

I came across this idea by I Am Baker
before our wedding and thought
‘oooh that looks like nice’.

I did not read the bit that said “this was not easy”.

I think my brain was not paying attention
to minor details like that at the time!

So I asked our baker, who was making the only
cake not made by family and friends,
just to make us something simple…
like, um, this heart cake.

And make he did. I believe he actually made
about 4 versions… which makes me cringe a little!

We still have this much cake left
but it’s in the freezer to be saved for…
whenever you’re meant to save things for!

But I was thinking that maybe, just maybe
it would good to make a version myself.

Maybe just a small one?
Looking at the tutorial, it doesn’t
look that hard does it?

If anyone has seen an easier
way to do it, do let me know!

Oh but the heart bunting… well that’s at least simple!

Oh yes, I’m sneaking another washi tape DIY in on you!

You just need heart straws, red washi tape,
baker’s twine and a heart hole punch.

Snip into your straws (so you put the twine through them)
and then you fold over little bits on tape onto your twine…

Then use your punch to make the hearts…
Now I’m not going to pretend punching hearts out
of sticking tape isn’t fiddly but it works!


If anyone has heart cake suggestions,
or has made one, do let me know…

Maybe I could cheat by cutting a cake
in half and use a heart cookie cutter
to fill the middle bit?

(This is why someone else made the cake!)


Heart cake pics from I Am Baker
Wedding cake pics by Lillian and Leonard