Tuesday Bluesday… a YOKE screen print giveaway

A friend has a theory that Tuesdays are worse than Mondays.
Mondays you expect to be kind of Monday-ish.
But then Tuesdays just sort of sneak up on you!

With that in mind, I thought today would be a good day
to do a little giveaway with the lovely people at YOKE.

 I first spied their work at the DCA in Dundee and have been
coveting their We Can Move Mountains print ever since.

Their work start life as beautiful papercuts
before being turned into gorgeous screen prints.

So for the giveaway, they’re offering you
a screen print of your choice.
{How cool is that? Rather I say!}

All you have to do is:
leave a comment here with your best joke
(and say what your fav YOKE print is).


To start us off, here’s my favourite ever joke:

I went to a zoo the other day.
There was only a dog there…

It was a shitzu.

(Boom, boom!)

Ahem… hopefully you’ve not all died of laughter!
You have a whole week to enter then Mark & Zoe
of YOKE will pick who makes the comment
that makes them smile the most.

Let us know if you tweet/blog about the giveaway too.
Not that the judges could be swayed of course!

Good luck! And happy Tuesday!