Holy moley, me, oh my… a baby bunting diy

So my first ever baby bunting…
Before some of you get too excited,
the baby in question isn’t mine!

No when your friend who you’ve known since you were 14,
who you went to uni with, who you lived with for years,
with whom there’s been many, many, many, many, many
brilliant times, drunken nights, fits of giggles, and silly adventures
that may include breaking into our own apartment in Cannes…

Well, when she has a baby…
you know, it’s sort of special really.

So as well as buying her a present,
I wanted to make something.
For her and her baby.

A ‘welcome to the world’ if you will.

That’s what I kept saying… and that’s what it became.

A teeny tiny diy for a teeny tiny person…
cut out of vintage map paper
and strung on some baker’s twine.

1. Take one old atlas…

2. Draw your letters and cut them out

3. String together on baker’s twine.
And try to make sure the cat doesn’t
sit on it while you’re not looking.


And the ‘holy moley me oh my’?
Well, I was thinking of making my own version
that says “home is wherever I’m with you’.
And then the song got stuck in my head
while I was writing this!

If anyone has any requests for one,
I still have 3/4 of an atlas to go!