A dead good birthday…

At the weekend, we celebrated my birthday. Or my birthoween.
That’s Halloween and a birthday rolled into one.

Let’s just call it a dead good birthday.
(Scots are allowed to use ‘dead’ as an adjective, honest.)

I had a silly, sugar-fuelled, Halloweeny day
that started with me eating Lucky Charms and cupcakes…

Next came presents… lots of lovely things
but perhaps the best was my new Viewmaster!

Complete with a reel of pics of our wedding, us in New York,
our mini-moon Airstream… and the cats too!

How cool is that?

The husband even made a caption
for each of the photos too
which made me giggle so much.

Then there was more presents,
more cake (because I needed more sugar!)
and then we set off to spend the night at a spooky hotel.

Ok, it maybe wasn’t haunted…
but all I could say when we were walking
down the corridor was “Come play with us”
in a creepy Shining voice!

Then we went out for a very nice dinner
but not before we ran round town trying
to find a bag of cobwebs for our costumes
for a Halloweeny birthday-ish night out.

Because every corpse bride and groom
needs some cobwebs of course!

Yup, we totally forgot in the first pic
that we’re meant to be scary
not happy!

However, a glass of bubbles or two later
(and one slightly awkward trip to a champagne bar
where everyone just stared or glared at us!)
we got into Halloween wedding mode!

I was strangely more attached to this bouquet
than the one I made for our wedding.
Oh yes and that veil… well, it was originally
bought for our wedding too but it didn’t suit my dress.
Love a bit of recycling me!

The next day, us plus our hangovers went to meet
my friend’s new baby (super adorable!) before heading home
to zombify like couch zombies.

Amongst all the fun, we actually forgot
to carve any pumpkins this year…
so I’m off now to attempt a Day of the Dead pumpkin
and that way he can stay out until Wednesday.

UPDATE: Here’s our Day of the Dead pumpkin.
Rather pleased with how he turned out.

Was thinking of giving him some flowers still
but I think he’s pretty good all the same.
Especially in the dark.
Happy Halloween everyone xx
(And Día de los Muertos too!)

P.S. Did you have a costume this year?
I saw so many Marios, sexy pirates,
a Pope, a few Black Swans and even
a Sherlock Holmes at the weekend.
Love it!

Except the people dressed as
scary clowns. That’s too scary!!


P.P.S. Thanks all your cold cure suggestions.
Not sure if any helped but they certainly
cheered me up regardless!


Image 1: Mexican Skull Gardland
by the super spooky The Doll City Rocker.
I so want to get this for next year’s Halloween.
Or heck, maybe I could do a spooky Xmas?!