Weddingnesday… our diy wedding invites

Two months ago, we got married.

Three and a half months ago, we started making our invites.

Having left no budget (whoops!) for invites,
I’d decided we would make them ourselves.

I had a rough idea that I could use
my rolling stamp in some way…

(Bought on a total whim, it came in rather handy!)

Then I came across some coloured library cards…

And thought they could tell the ‘story’ of our day…

As we’ve been together a rather long time,
I thought it would funny to stamp them ‘overdue’.

Our overdue stamp… found for me by the lovely My Spare Thoughts.

Oh yes and the map paper?

Well, we used that to make our envelopes.
(It’s actually just wrapping paper but looks the real deal.)

We made the template first and
then 130 envelopes… phew.

Then we got stamping…

And stamping some more…

(I had inky fingers for a whole week!)And there may have been ‘a bit’
of handwriting too to fill them out.

Then the easy bit… envelope stuffing!

And hopefully lots of ‘awwws’ when everyone got them.ย 

And maybe even a little applause!Then all we had to do was wait for the RSVPs…

Oh yes and organise a wedding!
But more of that once I have the pics.

Hope you like them.


P.S. To anyone thinking of doing their own diy invites,
make a decent playlist to listen to while crafting…
and always check that you’ve spelt a word right
before stamping it over several invites!