Friday I'm in love… with London

I love London. I really do.
It’s the place I escape to
for a whirlwind weekend.
It’s where I got engaged.
It’s where friends and
my little sis live.

Watching this week unfold has been
so desperately sad. And so sad
that things can get this desperate.

But rather than add to the debate,
(though there is a very good article here),
I thought I’d do a sort of ode to London.

About my two recent London trips.
One pre-wedding. One post-wedding.


Trip no.1…

…all the family fun you can have with free signs.

 You know how I sort of have a thing for foxes?

This is me doing my impersonation of the Southbank fox.

And yes… being a fox again!

(They have whiskers right?)

 My super, super gorgeous little sis.

The next day was her graduation
from acting school Italia Conti.

Me busking… with my harmonica necklace.

Where I would live in London if I could…

Ok, not really. But I do have my eye on
a ‘if I ever win the lotto’ flat down there!


Trip No.2

Yup, he’s still there… had to check!

Then off to see my little sis’s play…

Then on to see a friend’s dad’s play…
this is where we got lost.

Which is fine because getting lost is (eventually) followed by ice-cream…

Bubblegum ice-cream!
(Tablet ice-cream feels healthy now.)

And after ice-cream, you must sit down…
at a fake beach of course.

The best of getting lost? Finding old signs…

Love this tea and coffee sign.

But this one won me over completely…

I’ve actually started designing a print based on it.
That’s just how much I love it.

Also seems somewhat relevant to right now, doesn’t it?


Hope you all have safe, happy, relaxing weekends.

I’m off to a 90th birthday party.

Yup, 90! How amazing is that?