A mini confession… and a small surprise

Here’s a confession…

Over the years, we have killed a lot of plants.

Despite our best attempts to look after then they always die.


(Yes, we did our own wedding flowers
but they didn’t have to live for that long.)

So recently we decided that we were giving up.

And we went out and bought some fake plants instead.

I can’t under water them. I can’t over water them.
Heck, I can’t water them at all.

They won’t die of a horrible disease, like Planty Number 2 did.

(Does anyone else give their plants stupid names?)

But we thought they were a bit plain…

Should we decorate the pots?

Or make some fabric flowers to brighten them up?

Maybe. Eventually.

But then we hit upon a better plan…

Yes, we now have our own sentry… watching out for us.

It cannot be underestimated how
much this makes me laugh.


This might be one of the reasons
my little cousins call me
a ‘pretend grown-up’.