Weddingnesday… less than two months to go

It’s true. We’re on the countdown to our wedding now.

There’s less than two months to go.

Yup, we are going to be Mr & Mrs. Weird huh?

And everywhere I go the question is the same…

Are you getting scared/nervous/anxious about the wedding?

The honest answer… no.

We still have a crazy amount to do.

(A crazy, crazy, crazy amount to do.*)

But the nearer it’s getting, the more relaxed I feel.

It’s turning from something intangible and expensive into something real.

Also in less than two months, we’ll hopefully get to have this awesome,
big, fun, silly party of a day with all our family and friends.

Oh yes and we won’t have to do any wedding planning any more.



For the curious, the outstanding list of ‘stuff” is
quite outstanding… a headpiece, shoes for me, vows,
flowers, hair and makeup, fabric for the bridesmaid dresses,
ties, toilets, a generator, suits for best man and the Dads,
transport, wedding night accommodation, the honeymoon,
learning a first dance (!), picking a wedding cocktail,
lots of the diy bits and bobs (gulp!), our walk-out song,
a gift list, the who/how of getting our stuff to the venue,
getting myself into some sort of half-decent shape,
and lots of other things that are half done/half decided…

But we’ll get there in the end. Right?


1. imeus design 2. i love doodle
3. Crystal T 4. Mary Kate McDevitt
(1,2 & 4 via pinterest)